About The Buzzard Book Blog

pride-of-cleveland-cover.jpgThis Buzzard Blog is an interactive companion to the book, The Buzzard.

It will include audio and video airchecks, commercials, other special features – and most importantly, your comments and input. Its shape, form, and future are up to you.

It’s a work in progress, which means it’ll never be completed.

7 Responses to “About The Buzzard Book Blog”

  1. Dave Kelly Says:

    Hi John,

    I can’t wait to read your book. I spent 10 years (1980-1990) with Malrite. 4 of those years was as an AE with the Buzzard. What-a-Blast . . . some of the best times of my life happened at the Statler. We grew up there. Once a Buzzard always a Buzzard!

    Dave Kelly

  2. i to was with the buzzard from 75-79. Loved working with all the great people. I also agree once a buzzard always a buzzard.
    Long live the old days

  3. I found an aircheck today that I had not heard before… I have boxes full of them.

    On this one I was handing off to Maria at ten minutes before the hour. It was from early May of 98. It was right around the time I had done 45 shows in 40 days. (the way I liked it)

    I mentioned something about her having a little something on her shirt. It was an obvious take off on the Monica Lewinsky “blue dress” …but funny thing,

    I believe it was before anybody knew about the blue dress or the whole Monica deal.

    Anyway it was short and sweet and just an aircheck I picked out of a box in my basement.

    I think I will go back down there and pick out another one at random and see what’s on it.

    Maria has a quick wit and there was a definite chemistry there. If they ever turned her loose with someone with the same magic together, it would be magic for the 2008 Buzzard.

    My dog “Bubba” (white husky) tells me…”Quit living in the past!”

    But, hey, I like it there better!

  4. Got to meet John Gorman last night December 20th– 10years to the day of my first “airshift” at WMMS 100.7

    I waited a long time to get a gig at the Buzzard and had worked at 23 radio stations in California, Arizona and Ohio before I finally got the gig.

    I was a member of NAPRA in 1973 (National Association of Progressive Radio Announcers)

    In California we always read about the Buzzard. They were always the top dog back in the day. I set my sights on WMMS, although it took 24 years to get there. John Gorman, Denny Sanders and Matt the Cat were the reasons I wanted to come to Cleveland.

    I brought pictures of me taken on the air in 1973 doing Progressive Rock to show John. It was my first year on the air and I started out doing mornings on 105 FM in Southern California, but switched to 6 to 10 pm after six months. I hated getting up before 5am. Funny though, I ended up doing mornings for over seven years at KBBQ SB CA KBOX SM CA and KOWF San Diego, before finally going back to evenings which I always liked better.

    Meeting John 34 years later was certainly a thrill, but I have to say there was a sadness attached… knowing that those days are gone.

    I loved those days so much, I can’t begin to tell you.

    Everyday I was at WMMS was like a dream, even though it was years after John was gone. At least I worked with BLF Bash a member of the “famous” staff.

    The last thing BLF BASH said on WMMS was “Jim West is next”

    The BASH had worked with my best friend at KTKT in Arizona in 67, so we got to telling old stories to each other and he recalled when my buddy Lee Poole died his hair purple over losing a bet, then having to do a remote.

    There will never be another BUZZARD and GOD only gave us one John Gorman.

    But like John said to me while taking the photo for the website,

    “At least you still have your hair!”

    Jim West

  5. PS

    I love the book and can’t put it down!

    Wonderful Christmas gift, so buy lots of copies for belated xmas presents

  6. “The best location in the nation.” We were at the right place at the the right time. 101 FM FOREVER! WMMS! We were part of them and they were part of us. Had a lot of great times, courtesy of the Buzzard. Thanks for a great ride. ‘MMS was the Gold Standard that ALL radio stations measured themselves against. “Psycho” class of 1970, Medina High.

  7. Tom Doyle Says:

    This Christmas I received what I consider one of the best presents I have ever been given. It was inscribed, “Tom- Cleveland will always rock !” John Gorman. Thanks in great part to WMMS and John Gorman, yes it will.
    This book was fascinating to read and brought back tons of memories, and a renewed sense of the City of Cleveland’s place in Rock and Roll history.
    I avidly listened to WMMS through high school and into college at Cleveland State. The Buzzard Morning Zoo got me to class in a good mood and Coffee Break Concerts were a great reason to skip class. Any time I needed to know anything about what was going on musically in Cleveland, I only had to turn on The Buzzard.
    After I left home for the military, I really discovered the popularity and recognizability ( is that a word ?) of the WMMS name and the Buzzard logo. I can’t count the number of times I was approached in the mall, or at the beach, or a bar in California, and had people ask me if I was from Cleveland, or simply yelled out Home of the Buzzard…yeah dude !!! It was an instant ice breaker and friend maker. Sadly, none of those shirts remain in my posession, and if they did they certainly wouldn’t fit.
    Thanks again, John Gorman, for making WMMS what it was to those of us who lived with it, and also for the great Christmas present that is your book. I’ve already read it once, and plan to do so again, this time taking my time. Peace.

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