This site is dedicated to our dear friend, Len “The Boom” Goldberg – the almighty voice of the Buzzard and a close friend to anyone who ever had the opportunity to get to know him.

4 Responses to “Dedication”

  1. Jim Davison Says:

    Nice book John, and great looking cover David, a lot went on behind the scene’s of WMMS, and John does a great job telling us about it. The last chapter is sad how it all fell apart by others who thought they new better…WMMS will always be the STATION when I was growing up. Thanks for alot of memories and good times. “Your still in Buzzardland with this book” jim d

  2. Tracy Halloran (Hastings) Says:

    Knew Len and his daughter Becky. Was very sad to hear of his passing and my love goes out to the family – the Buzzard family as well for the loss of a great big teddy bear!

  3. Tom Doyle Says:

    The Boom had what was the most recognizable and remarkable voices in Cleveland radio history. There never has been, nor will there ever be, another voice like his.

  4. The recently posted cartoon panel of Boom’s parking garage experience (an example of how the inside stuff is always the best) spurred a thought that hadn’t previously occurred to me: One of many reasons Len Goldberg was perfect as the “voice” of WMMS was because it reflected Cleveland in a way that may not have been obvious at the time. By that I mean Len’s voice was somewhat tough and gritty but, thinking back, at the same time had an underlying sophistication in it. Similarly, from its evolution from a city of great industrial strength to its current troubles, Cleveland has always had a tough appearing shell but at the same time a very sophisticated, progressive and innovative side as well.

    Maybe reaching a bit but just thought I’d put that out there.

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