On the book tour . . .

I have to tell you how much I’m enjoying the book signings and the opportunity to meet our WMMS listeners from the seventies and eighties. I’ve even met sons and daughters buying the book for their parents (“My Dad still has his old Buzzard shirts”). There’s also a lot of “My Mom and Dad turned me on to….” (fill in the artist). Rock and roll is timeless.
For most of my career, I stayed behind the scenes. I had a championship team that deserved to be front-and-center. It amazes me that twenty to thirty-plus years later so many of our listeners from that era can still run down the names and times our staff was on-the-air, including our part-timers and everyone’s weekend shifts.
WMMS was a creative environment. When I read about new innovative, pioneering dot.com companies, it reminds me of the passion and excitement that generated throughout the station back then.
Most of all, it was you – our listeners – providing us with unremitting suggestions, requests, and comments. You supplied the energy to keep the Buzzard flying.
One piece of bad news. I’ve been taking pictures of everyone at book signings and planned to put them on this site. Regrettably, I had a faulty memory card in my camera. When I transferred the photos to the site, most corrupted. If you were at one of the earlier signings and can do so – please stop by the next one in your area (no, you don’t have to buy another book – though I won’t discourage you from doing that) so I can, as Peter Wolf used to say, put your face in the place. And if I haven’t met you yet, I look forward to doing so at one of my upcoming appearances in your neighborhood.

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