A small intimate gathering….

We now turn our attention to the WMMS World Series of Rock concerts. They were small, intimate gatherings of 88,000-plus of our closest friends in the cosy setting of Cleveland Stadium.

Though a number of concert performances at World Series of Rock concerts were filmed or videotaped, almost nothing has been made available for sale or turned up on-line. An exception is this clip of AC/DC on July 28, 1978, performing their tender love ballad, “The Jack.”

Were you there?

One Response to “A small intimate gathering….”

  1. Joe Ray Skrha Says:

    Hi John,
    Just arrived for a brief visit Buzzard Land as I moved to Alaska in 1984. From 1968 to 1984 I did record many of the local concerts including many of the Buzzard Concerts on MMS. I know there is much live material in private hands cross Ohio… It would be sweet to get an archive started to see what can be coordinated to save audio and video from those special years.
    When I return to Alaska I will put a list of many of the CoffeeBreak and other live concerts together and forward to you a list. Perhaps some of those recordings were thought lost forever due to the move in 1992. If there is interest from others, I would be willing to coordinate a master list to see what we can dig up.
    I have several of those great Christmas shows from the Agora CoffeeBreak gigs with Alex, Charlie and others. Also, Many Smiling Dog and others do exist. I’ll be in touch. Peace, Joe Ray

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