A Tour of WMMS in 1975 with Denny Sanders

The original WMMS studios and offices were located in the “Midtown” section of Cleveland at Euclid and East 50th.

It was a dangerous and dismal part of town. Robberies were routine. An average one car per week was stolen our parking lot. You had to maneuver around the hookers and drug dealers working the street to enter the parking lot from Prospect Rd.

A woman who ran a small snack stand directly across from the station entrance died behind the counter one evening and no one noticed or cared until the stench became unbearable.

The WMMS and WHK offices and studios were housed on the first floor in a windowless part of the building. It resembled an underground bunker.

The WMMS studio was small and dirty. Every square inch was cluttered with albums, tapes, carts, reference books, speakers, wires, wires, and more wires. Layers of dust and grime coated the cabinets, the speakers, the clock, and the wires that snaked everywhere.

This station tour and interview with Denny Sanders was part of a news program that ran on WKYC/Cleveland in late 1976.

More on the original WMMS studios and offices in Chapter 1 of The Buzzard.

Another interesting note: Part of our success was to never get stuck in our past. This video was shot in 1976. The majority of the music Denny played throughout this segment is  from the same year.

2 Responses to “A Tour of WMMS in 1975 with Denny Sanders”

  1. […] and recent album tracks in a format similar to the up-tempo, high-gloss version of album radio that Denny Sanders and I had pitched to every station in town but this […]

  2. Stan Cocheo Says:

    This is a wonderful and fascinating interview and glimpse into the old studio and a wonderful view of Denny at work.

    Only one issue and I wonder if I’m the only one to note this. Interestingly, starting at the 4:20 mark in this video, Denny announces that the next song is “Aerosmith, from the ‘Get Your Wings’ album, this is “Woman of the world”.” Yet, he’s playing “Lord of the thighs”, though it is also from that same album.

    Seems that announcement was looped or as a voice-over, though that could be the quality of the video. Any ideas as to why the wrong song was announced?

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