WMMS 1983 Staff photo


Back row: Jeff Kinzbach, Walt Tiburski, B.L.F. Bash, Matt the Cat, Ed “Flash” Ferenc, Al Koski, Kid Leo, Denny Sanders, Len “Boom” Goldberg, John Gorman

Front row: Tom O’Brien, Jane Snow, Betty Korvan, Rhonda Kiefer, Dia Stein, Chris Hernandez

The radical changes and challenges happening in popular music in the early 1980s hit 1983 with full force.

Certainly, 1983 was when a number of musical genres clashed and mutated into a unique mixture.

Rock and rhythm and blues collided with Prince and the Revolution and Purple Rain – the movie and soundtrack. Those fortunate to be at the U2 concert at the Music Hall in May witnessed a maturing band crossing over from cult status to superstardom.

New labels, new styles, and new trends – some influenced by music videos via MTV – were crossing into mainstream popular culture.

More on 1983 in Chapter 23 of The Buzzard.

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