MTV and WMMS: 25 years ago

mtv-vintage-1.jpg Long before the reality TV format was invented, MTV played music videos. Recently, a video of MTV from 1983 showed up on the Belgian site, Appelogen.

appelogen.jpg Though not diametrically interrelated to WMMS – we shared much of our playlist with the MTV of that era – and some of our listeners were certain that MTV was really MMS-TV.

wmms-thunderbuzzard.jpg Here’s a link to this unscoped video, an obvious VHS or Beta dub. It features three hours of music videos and TV commercials from twenty five years ago – along with the relaxed delivery of VJ Mark Goodman.

mark-goodman-mtv.jpg I was half-hoping it would feature our Cleveland homey Nina Blackwood, who way back when was a finalist in our co-pro with Playboy Magazine for “The Girls of Cleveland.” This video features Mark Goodman as the host VJ.

mtv-original-vjs.jpg I’m confident it won’t be long before additional classic clips from the earliest days of MTV show up on line. Personally, I’m waiting for some classic Night Flights shows from the original USA Network.


Read more about the relationship between WMMS and MTV in Chapter 21 of The Buzzard.

2 Responses to “MTV and WMMS: 25 years ago”

  1. Johnny Morgan Says:

    The ORIGINAL MTV, with VJs–who, in some cases, were radio DJs plopped on the screen–and led by a great Top 40 programmer, Les Garland.

    As Garland said in the CKLW docu film…MTV was really CKLW on TV, with the spaceman logo in place of the Johnny Mann Singers.

    I assume that’s why so many people remember MTV, and why so many radio people loved MTV. It was well-programmed radio, on TV, with artistic videos and new visual media.

  2. […] MTV and WMMS: 25 years ago The Buzzard: Inside the Glory Days of WMMS and Cleveland Rock Radio — A Memoir – […]

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