Whenever I’m in Cleveland…I listen to WMMS.

It started in 1976 when Bruce Springsteen cut his “I don’t have a radio but Miami Steve does – and he let’s me listen to WMMS” ID.

In March of 1983, Andy Summers of the Police was at WMMS for an interview; heard the Springsteen ID and cut one in a similar style.

Two months later, Bono and Edge wanted to come up with an inventive ID for WMMS. We played them Bruce’s – and they countered with their take.

In 1985, The Big Man – Clarence Clemons visited WMMS to promote his first solo album, Hero. He cut an ID that also played off the Springsteen original.The Springsteen ID that started it all can be found on an earlier page in the  Buzzard book blog.

As a bonus, here’s a couple of frequently requested Star Trek-themed IDs cut by the late James Doohan (Scotty) and George Takei (Sulu).

For more on celebrity IDs, go to chapter 10 of The Buzzard

One Response to “Whenever I’m in Cleveland…I listen to WMMS.”

  1. Rob Mihalik Says:

    I feel like I’m in high school again everytime I think of these days. I get all sad and depressed. Though I was not at that Agora show, Springsteen’s Darkness on the Edge of Town album was and continues to be his best work in my humble opinion. WMMS and the Buzzard team was truly amazing. Kid Leo answered my emails from his lofty position in NYC, which I thought was waaaay waaay cool as well. Kid if you read this, you will always be to me the best radio DJ I ever heard. I read the Buzzard book. I feel old. Lost. Those days were my days of yore. I can not sum up the sense of connectedness WMMS and the Buzzard created in those days, that Buzzard was almost iconic and to some it probably was an icon of rock and roll radio.
    I first got turned-on to WMMS by my brother, who returned from Viet Nam and he would let me listen to his radio and stereo and even better on HEADPHONES. (He still has that receiver and original speakers still play.) Anyway this was the pre-Buzzard era of ‘MMS. There was something about it when my brother told me to listen to this “underground” radio station.
    I thought I was led into a world where big people go, adults; as I was all of 8,9, or 10 years old at the time…I forget. Later, my brother and I would have “who is it?” contests in which we had to identify the name of the band or artist doing the song on the radio or the song title before in those days they gave the list of songs they played after the segments.
    So, I was a young listener of WMMS. 10 year olds was not their target audience. But like I said I walked into that dark stoic work of UNDERGROUND radio which to me sounded evil that it had to be good.
    I do remember that Springsteen “I don’t have a radio…” piece and I thought those people really liked my city.

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