The Weekend Never Ends – February , 1975


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It’s the weekend and here’s another dose of what they were like in Cleveland – 33 years ago today.

In 1975, the weekend officially began on Friday at 5:55 PM with Kid Leo playing Bruce Springsteen’s “Born to Run,” followed by Murray’s “Get Down,” which led into the live version of “Friday on my Mind” by Earthquake.  From there, Denny Sanders and Betty Korvan took over and provided the soundtrack to a Friday night, party night, in what was becoming the Rock and Roll Capital of the World.

This is a full-page ad from the February 19-25, 1975 issue of Cleveland’s Scene magazine. 

Murray Saul’s “Get Down” was just beginning to catch on at the time and “the weekend never ends” was our slogan.

This ad also shows David Helton subtly modifying the Buzzard by gradually reducing the length of its neck.

Buzzard ad courtesy of Matt Wadlaw who found this for sale on line.

More on the Buzzard mascot and artist David Helton in Chapter 7 of The Buzzard

One Response to “The Weekend Never Ends – February , 1975”

  1. This post really brings back memories! In high school we were always at the radio (at home or in the car) at 5:55PM to kick off the weekend with WMMS. I wonder if anyone has a recording of the spot?

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