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A message from Ed “Flash” Ferenc

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WMMS was a big part of my life, over 21 years.  Now the rest of my life will be about MS–Multiple Sclerosis.

I really didn’t know very much about this disease until one of my daughters, Stephanie, started complaining about a numbness in her arms and legs.  The doctor said it could be MS and sure enough, after a number of tests, which included a spinal tap, his diagnosis was correct. Just to be sure, we asked for more opinions and all agreed–it’s MS.   


The good news is we caught it very early.  MS is treatable and so far Stephanie is reacting fairly well to the medicine, Avonex.  That’s another story all by itself.  This drug costs $1,800/month and I am very fortunate to have wonderful health coverage, but what happens when she’s on her own?  And what about others with poor coverage or none at all?  It’s sad, it’s scary, and it’s very real.

I also need to tell you Stephanie has a twin sister, Rachael, and the odds are she has a 50% chance of developing MS in her lifetime.  Needless to say, all this, which hit us like a ton of bricks in the past 2 months, has left our heads spinning.

But we’re also remaining very supportive of Stephanie and very optimistic for what the future holds.

There is a lot of research being done and much of it right here in Cleveland.  We just need to keep moving and the best way to start is to get involved in the MSOhio Walk, which takes place in downtown Cleveland Saturday, April 26th. 

You can find out more at or better yet, join my team–MS for “Motivate Stephanie” 


Ed “Flash” Ferenc


More WMMS IDs from Peter Wolf, David Lee Roth, and Ted Nugent

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In our earlier days, most acts were willing to do endorsements using some variation of “whenever I’m in Cleveland, I listen to WMMS.”  That changed when M-105, G98, and other stations threatened not to play certain artists that endorsed us.   

The labels swiftly created a politically correct way for their artists to do what amounted to a generic ID for every station: “I’m (name) and you’re listening to (station).” 

Some labels tried to make this standard operating procedure – and label guys would try to be around our production studio when their artists cut IDs. So we had to get creative.   If the artist knew the station or knew of the station – we’d distract the label guy while the artist cut an ID.  We’d then encourage the artist to do their IDs in whatever style they’d prefer – and encouraged that the more off-beat it was the more often it would get played.    If we had time to spare, we’d try to get the artist to cut seasonal IDs….Christmas, New Year’s – anything.

peter-wolf.jpgPeter Wolf had a lengthy history with WMMS (even longer with me – going back to when we lived in the same apartment building in Cambridge, Mass.).   In the late sixties, Peter Wolf also moonlighted as an all-night announcer on WBCN/Boston, where he an incredible blend of fifties and sixties rhythm and blues – so he had his radio chops down (I must add that Wolf is my second favorite all-night radio announcer of all time). Over the years Wolf cut many IDs for WMMS – all in his trademark Woofer-Goofer-Mama-Toofer style.   This one, the first one of his found so far, was cut in 1984, not long after he left the J. Geils Band.  He had just released his first solo album, Lights Out, when he recorded this ID.

david-lee-roth.jpgDavid Lee Roth had cut this ID at WMMS back in the late seventies.  When he parted ways with Van Halen, we edited out the “…of Van Halen” from the ID.

 ted-nugent.jpgAnd there is only one Ted Nugent.  Cleveland was the first city outside of his home base Detroit where his 1973 and 1974 version Amboy Dukes material received airplay.   His albums Call of the Wild and Tooth, Fang and Claw received respectable airplay on WMMS – and the band played Cleveland often.  When his first solo album (Ted Nugent) was released in 1975, which broke him nationally, he was already deep-rooted in these parts.

WMMS ID: Peter Wolf

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WMMS ID: David Lee Roth

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WMMS ID: Ted Nugent

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In search of “Dave, W. Blvd.”

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The story of the Buzzard becoming the mascot/icon of WMMS is a long one.  That’s why I wrote the book (hint). 

What isn’t in the book is the angry letter David Helton sent to WMMS in the form of a comic strip.David’s complaint was one of many we received from listeners that believed we had censored the second half-hour of the syndicated National Lampoon Radio Hour. 

It had been cut to a weekly half-hour show following the pull-out of 7-Up, one of the show’s major sponsors, following the Lampoon Hour’s “Richard Nixon Impeachment Special.”

We received David’s comic strip letter at the same time Denny Sanders and I were trying to find an artist that could put life into this mythical Buzzard mascot that was inspired by a drive through the desolation row of Euclid Avenue between East 55th and East 105th.   But how do we find someone whose return address is Dave, W.Blvd?

The rest of the story is in The Buzzard, Chapter 7

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Weekend!

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