A Len “Boom” Goldberg real-life adventure


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Having David Helton on staff allowed us to create artwork in an instant to complement our programming and promotion.


But not all of our artwork was for outside consumption. 

We had a series of in-house, staff-only comic books, the Buzzard News, which frequently recapped real-life events in a cartoon style.

Inspiration for the Buzzard News was everywhere.

In preparing for an airshift, everyone had their own style. Some, like Denny Sanders, could run in the studio a half-second before his shift and be ready for it. Others like Len “Boom” Goldberg did not like to rush. He preferred showing up fifteen to twenty minutes early to “get into the groove.”

In addition to being the voice of WMMS on all IDs and sweeps, Boom had two regular weekend shifts: Saturday from six to noon and the Solid Gold Sunday Morning oldies show from nine to noon – or as he put it, “…the Boom ‘til noon.”

On occasion, there would be a vacation shift or a sick day to fill – or a last-minute emergency – and Boom would be one of those called into action to fill the shift.

There was one occasion when Boom was asked to fill in for Denny’s evening six to ten shift. Our reception area closed at 5 PM. After that, one had to use a key to enter the facility. We had moved from our uptown windowless bunker at 50th and Euclid to a new facility downtown at the Cleveland Plaza at 12th and Euclid.

The six-story parking garage was located next to the building. To get from the garage to the Plaza one had to take the elevator to the first floor, cross into the building and take Plaza elevator to the 12th floor.

At the time of this story, the Cleveland Plaza was a combination hotel and office building.

The parking lot wasn’t cheap – and the cost of a fixed parking spot was prohibitive for most – so finding a parking space was a chore – especially when the hotel was hosting a convention or special event.

This incident happened exactly as illustrated.

More on the Buzzard News in the photo section and chapter 7 of The Buzzard

2 Responses to “A Len “Boom” Goldberg real-life adventure”

  1. John,

    I’ve wanted to tell you how much I loved your “MMS” book which my daughter bought for me at Christmas at Borders at Chapel Hill in Akron. She even left work because she heard you would be there to sign the books. I actually cried when she gave it to me and couldn’t believed you signed it. I lived for that radio station and when things started to change, I was so disappointed. We had MMS on morning, noon & night.
    I have original Buzzard t-shirts and went to so many concerts that were brand new artists. So many great memories from you. Thank You Cheryl

  2. Hello John:
    I read your book on the “Buzzard” days..Though I was never a fan as such, I really was fascinated by how things were done in those days..How MMS shaped the culture of a region..And how that culture really spread throughout the country…The comic was interesting..didnt care for the language used in it, but it was “In house’ and definitely a different time..

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