In search of “Dave, W. Blvd.”


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The story of the Buzzard becoming the mascot/icon of WMMS is a long one.  That’s why I wrote the book (hint). 

What isn’t in the book is the angry letter David Helton sent to WMMS in the form of a comic strip.David’s complaint was one of many we received from listeners that believed we had censored the second half-hour of the syndicated National Lampoon Radio Hour. 

It had been cut to a weekly half-hour show following the pull-out of 7-Up, one of the show’s major sponsors, following the Lampoon Hour’s “Richard Nixon Impeachment Special.”

We received David’s comic strip letter at the same time Denny Sanders and I were trying to find an artist that could put life into this mythical Buzzard mascot that was inspired by a drive through the desolation row of Euclid Avenue between East 55th and East 105th.   But how do we find someone whose return address is Dave, W.Blvd?

The rest of the story is in The Buzzard, Chapter 7

One Response to “In search of “Dave, W. Blvd.””

  1. Much appreciate for this post. I am going to buy my friend the Nixon 51-30! I hope he loves it.

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