A message from Ed “Flash” Ferenc


WMMS was a big part of my life, over 21 years.  Now the rest of my life will be about MS–Multiple Sclerosis.

I really didn’t know very much about this disease until one of my daughters, Stephanie, started complaining about a numbness in her arms and legs.  The doctor said it could be MS and sure enough, after a number of tests, which included a spinal tap, his diagnosis was correct. Just to be sure, we asked for more opinions and all agreed–it’s MS.   


The good news is we caught it very early.  MS is treatable and so far Stephanie is reacting fairly well to the medicine, Avonex.  That’s another story all by itself.  This drug costs $1,800/month and I am very fortunate to have wonderful health coverage, but what happens when she’s on her own?  And what about others with poor coverage or none at all?  It’s sad, it’s scary, and it’s very real.

I also need to tell you Stephanie has a twin sister, Rachael, and the odds are she has a 50% chance of developing MS in her lifetime.  Needless to say, all this, which hit us like a ton of bricks in the past 2 months, has left our heads spinning.

But we’re also remaining very supportive of Stephanie and very optimistic for what the future holds.

There is a lot of research being done and much of it right here in Cleveland.  We just need to keep moving and the best way to start is to get involved in the MSOhio Walk, which takes place in downtown Cleveland Saturday, April 26th. 

You can find out more at www.msohiowalk.org or better yet, join my team–MS for “Motivate Stephanie”  



Ed “Flash” Ferenc

4 Responses to “A message from Ed “Flash” Ferenc”

  1. Hi Ed:

    So sorry to hear about MS invading your family. My prayers are with Stephanie and everyone else in your household. It sounds like you’ve all got the right attitude to fight the disease and the ups and downs that will go with it. I hope the effort will also inspire others to learn about the disease. MS – Motivate Stephanie.


  2. Flash, Stephanie, Raechel and extended Ferenc family: our thoughts and prayers are with you. You will fight and win. Count us in!

    Jim and Pam Marchyshyn

  3. DIANA GARNO Says:

    Dear Ferenc Family,
    I have been involveds in donating for many years to MS Walks in Santa Monica. Our old friend Wendy Stein’s son had a very close friend in early high school that had this. Aaron walked, had a team and still gives his time at 23 to MS. I know it can rob young lives but can be controlled, and go into remisssion. I hope for the best and will lift your daughter up in prayer so all good things come to her.

  4. […] before the concert, to openly speak to those on the way to the concert and, following the show, Ed “Flash” Ferenc spoke to both Entwistle and Kenney Jones, which ran on WMMS the following […]

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