RandyVanOrman 1956 – 2008

We have lost a fellow comrade.  Former WMMS sales manager Randy VanOrman passed away Sunday following a long battle with cancer.  Our condolences to Randy’s family and friends.

11 Responses to “RandyVanOrman 1956 – 2008”

  1. Gaye G. Ramstrom Says:

    Randy has been in my life for 34 years. I cannot imagine not having him to count on…through thick and thin. He would have been 52 on November 2, 2008. He was born on November 2, 1956 and passed away on May 18, 2008.
    He had integrity and intelligence overflowing. His laugh was hysterical. He fought this cancer like crazy. He regretted not listening to his body’s warning signals…we have lost a great, great man. He’s just getting there before all of us…”goodnight sweet Prince”…he was like family to me…like a blood brother. He was a great listener and a caring soul. We had millions of laughs through the years…I had planned on many, many more years of laughs…there was another plan, I am afraid….Gaye xox (or Gayebo as he called me)

  2. John Gorman Says:

    after this weekend of rowdy glorifacation of being 80 i am especially
    touched by Randy’s passing. He came to my rescue at a critical time in my
    life ,and was wonderful to work with. he will be remebered with warmth
    respect and love. murray

  3. Ed "Flash" Ferenc Says:


    You were a dear soul in so many ways. Thank you for the years of fun and friendship. I will never forget the day I spotted you in line to get married at the Cleveland Municipal Court. More often than not, there is not much joy in a place like this, but there are occasions when it happens, and you (not surprisingly) were part of it.

    God rest your soul..your memory will never die.

    Ed “Flash” Ferenc

  4. Shayna Sharpe Says:


    I miss the days of making you laugh and blush with my potty mouth and raunchy jokes. I’ll never forget the ride around the parking lot on your bike. You will be missed every day, but the stars in Heaven will shine a little brighter.


  5. Matt Wardlaw Says:

    I’ve shared this story with a few people, and thought it would be appropriate to share it here as well.

    When I was living on Donald Avenue in Lakewood, without a car, there would be mornings that I would be waiting to take the bus downtown to the radio station. Randy would pull over, pick me up, and take me downtown with him.

    The first time it happened, I barely knew him, but he knew me. The car pulled up to the bus stop, and he rolled his window down and told me to get in. He made a huge impact in my world on that day, and it was something that I’ve never forgotten.

    Randy touched the world of many with small gestures of kindness like that.

    Every time I saw Randy in the hallways, he always had a smile on his face, and often a good story or funny joke.

    He was a great person, and someone that I feel privileged to have known.

  6. Jim Grazko Says:

    God bless you – may you rest in peace.

  7. Joe Ray Skrha Says:

    Thanks for bringing so much joy to so many people… Joe Ray

  8. Petaled says : I absolutely agree with this !

  9. Dale Mitchell Says:

    This must be the Randy that I knew. The age is right. Geographically, not too far away from where we grew up. The photo? Well, we all change with time.
    I have been thinking of Randy lately, looked online on a whim. We had a lot of fun in junior high school. I moved away. After my first yr. of high school, I came back for a visit. He had just recovered from landing head-first between the springs of a trampoline. We took his little outboard motor, rented a boat and motored against the current of the Fox River sometimes getting out and pulling the boat to make headway. I love that memory.

  10. Terry Fain Says:

    Randy was a early mentor during my early years in sales, working together at WDOK.

    Am sad to learn of his passing but will always remember hi spositive attide and willingness to help.

    God Bless.

  11. It was a very long time before I realized that Randy had passed away…he just kind of disappeared one day. I knew that he had cancer but didn’t know how severe it was. His passing has been one of disbelief. He was truly a wonderful person and a great friend. I still think of you often and know that your flying high with angels. God bless you always…

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