Welcome to the Buzzard Book Blog

We’ve had a large number of first-time visitors over the past couple of weeks.  

The intent of this site is two-fold.   First, it’s here to sell a book.  My book: The Buzzard: Inside the Glory Days of WMMS and Cleveland Rock Radio.  Second, it’s an interactive companion to the book, featuring classic WMMS airchecks, video highlights, and supplementary information on stories featured in the book.

For years WMMS housed a huge archive of interviews, concerts, airchecks, and special programming.  It included the complete collection of Coffee Break Concerts, live remote ‘Instant Radio Spectaculars,’ WMMS IDs cut by visiting rock stars and celebrities, and an inclusive compilation of Buzzard art – including T-shirt designs, print ads, and other specialties.   Regrettably decisions were made over the years that severely depleted the archives – and most of the material ended up lost or destroyed.

Thanks to our friends and listeners over the past year we have been able to reconstruct bits and pieces of the archives from private collections and from tapes made of original on-air broadcasts.  As we find them, we’re adding them to this site.

You can find this material by clicking links in the Buzzard in the Media column on the right of the home page and by visiting preceding entry pages.

Several of the links, like this one to an exceptional Cleveland.com feature prepared by Michael Norman and a unique WKSU page prepared by Vivian Goodman includes classic airchecks and other special broadcasts.   You can also hear a feature for National Public Radio’s All Things Considered.

Other links feature audio and video interviews and book reviews.

And the photo pages have hundreds of shots from book signings and other special events.

Some of you may have found this site from artists’ sites.  If you’re not familiar with WMMS – we welcome you to get acquainted.

As the late great Len “Boom” Goldberg would say, “Enjoy.”

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