The Buzzard – now available in inflation-busting soft cover!

In these times of political unrest and economic chaos, we are proud to announce the Buzzard bail-out plan.
The Buzzard  is now available in a rush-released inflation-busting priced soft cover version.
The time line in The Buzzard takes place in Cleveland from July, 1973 through August, 1986. During that time the U.S. experienced three recessions, for a total of 38 months: 16 months between November, 1973 and March, 1975; six months between January, 1980 and July, 1980, and another 16 months between July, 1981 and November, 1982.
While WMMS celebrated its 10th anniversary with a year-long celebration of free concerts and special events – including the renowned Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band at the Agora in live remote broadcast – the Cleveland city government defaulted on 15.5 million dollars in short-term loans from local banks.
It became the first city since the Great Depression to go into default on its financial obligations. Cleveland was more than thirty million dollars in debt and remained in default until 1987.
And during these tough times, Cleveland became internationally known as the Rock & Roll Capital of the World – leading the world in breaking new artists and exposing new contemporary music styles.
Here’s the CBS Evening News report on the state of Cleveland on December 1, 1978.
and Cleveland Rocks!                                                              

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