Side two of the Buzzard Morning Zoo

In 1986, Arista Records released the Best of the Buzzard Morning Zoo, featuring highlights, interviews, and song parodies from our morning show.   Profits from the sale of album were donated to Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital of Cleveland and Cops for Kids. 

The Buzzard Morning Zoo carried the largest share of morning drive audience of any station in the history of Cleveland radio.  At its peak, one out of every five people listening to morning drive radio in Cleveland listened to it every weekday morning on WMMS.

The Zoo starred Jeff Kinzbach and Ed “Flash” Ferenc along with their growing supporting cast. Casey Coleman was added to do sports replacing WJW-TV colleague Dan Coughlin who moved to our AM station, WHK.  Pat Brady covered traffic; Len “Boom” Goldberg became the official Zoo announcer, and Ruby Cheeks added a woman’s touch to what had been a male-driven show.  Spaceman Scott, Astrologer Bruce R. and Captain Kenny Clean – and later, John Rio as Mr. Leonard rounded out the all-star cast.

This side features more Token Jokes of the Morning and a Blow Something Up feature – plus guests Sam Kinison, Milton Berle, and Lisa Hartman.  The first voice you hear belongs to our long-time, world’s greatest receptionist – our own Lieutenant Uhura, Verdelle Warren. 

The Best of the Buzzard Morning Zoo has been out of print for over twenty years and its limited release has made it a much sought-after collector’s item.  Last month we gave you side one – here is side two.

2 Responses to “Side two of the Buzzard Morning Zoo”

  1. Thanks for posting this! I remember when the album came out and I thought their take on Supertramp’s “Breakfast in America” album cover was pretty cool!

  2. Arlene Traxler Says:

    Oh that was the bomb!! I was in college taking classes at CSU partime when it came out! I remember getting on the blowups once and blowing up it was either my teacher or my dad!! My aunt had Flash’s kids in her grade school class also! Yay!! And thanks for the wonderful memories!

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