The Buzzard’s first Christmas


This was our first WMMS Buzzard Christmas ad.  I’m almost certain that this the first time you’ve seen it since its circulation was limited. 

It appeared only once – in a mid-December, 1974  issue of Exit, a struggling small-circulation Cleveland alternative weekly. 

David Helton was developing the Buzzard character, which was gradually becoming more defined with each new print ad. 

Given the time of this ad, the Buzzard was still in its early phase, sporting  wild eyes, a longer neck, and a trace of facial hair.

Obviously, we left it up to our listeners’ imagination as to what Santa Claus was smoking in that pipe.

Take three guesses, the first two don’t count.

From the J.D. Kunes collection

More on the Buzzard in Chapter 7 of The Buzzard

Thanks to everyone that stopped by Barnes & Noble at Crocker Park in Westlake  and Waldenbooks at Great Northern Mall in North Olmsted last weekend and for my final book signing of theyear at Borders Express at The Avenue in Tower City, downtown Cleveland


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