Happy New Year to everyone in BUZZARD NATION!


Here’s a WMMS print ad by David Helton welcoming 1975 as the Year of the Buzzard.  

Like 2008, most were glad to see 1974 come to an end.  It was a turbulent year, which included an energy crisis, worldwide bombings, and international political upheaval.  The top national story was U.S. President Richard Nixon‘s resignation following  Watergate

Locally, Cleveland continued to lose population, retail stores, and corporate headquarters.  On June 4, the city received worldwide attention for a what-were-they-thinking Cleveland Indians ten cent beer night, at Municipal Stadium, which turned violent.

At WMMS, it was a major growth year.  We were forming our own inimitable identity – solidifying our air talent and support staff, exposing a wide variety of music, and established the Buzzard as our mascot.  The WMMS World Series of Rock was born with a concert starring the Beach Boys, Chicago, and Joe Walsh.

1975 would be our most exciting and exigent year to date.  Cleveland became the rock and roll club and concert capital – breaking more new music than any other city.  The Friday night Get Downs got even with the Slave Driver and officially kicked off the weekend, and we would be faced with our first competitive challenge.  

Much more on the formative years of WMMS can be found in The Buzzard

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