Thank you, Bay Village

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I want to personally thank everyone at last night’s The Buzzard presentation at the Bay Village Public Library last night.   You made it a very memorable and rewarding evening.   I also want to give special thanks to Bay Village Library Branch ManagePamela DeFino for all her help and support.  

I also want to thank Murray Saul for his surprise appearance last night.

My next library appearance will be on Monday, March 9, 7 PM, at the Brook Park branch of the Cuyahoga County Public Library at 6155 Engle Road in Brook Park.

4 Responses to “Thank you, Bay Village”

  1. Chuck Witt Says:

    Hi John. I wish you could videotape your presentations to reach a larger audience/fan base and post them on your site or you tube. Can those video airchecks or animated commercials (if different than the ones you already have posted) be posted at some point? Thanks

  2. Thank you, John and Murray.

    For those not there I can report that the room was full. John’s presentation expanded on many points in “THE BUZZARD” as well as applying a human presence to them. Other inside stuff not in the book was discussed and Murray provided insight as well as an added dimension to the evening. Some very interesting video clips and a good Q&A session rounded out John’s talk. The folks at the Bay Village CCPL branch were indeed quite hospitable.

    Beside being a night very well spent I finally found out what that “Barney Barney” thing was all about!

    P.S. to John; The Bay Village School District’s old maintenance garage used to occupy the site the library now sits on. During my college days I spent the summers of 1977 and `78 painting school rooms in Bay. Being that for most of my work day I was surrounded by nothing but classroom walls I listened to WMMS on the radio quite a bit. It never occurred to me while I took lunch breaks in Bay School’s maintenance garage that in 30-plus years I would be attending a presentation put on by the guy running the show at `MMS at the time on almost the same spot of ground as our lunch table (albeit in a different building).

  3. I found the presentation interesting. What we have now for local radio personality is Trivisano; though he is good, he will never stack up to a Kid Leo, Boom Boom, Denny Sanders, or all of that ‘MMS crew. They gave us kids some really great radio to listen to in those days.

    It’s truly sad that this city of Cleveland and it’s suburbs cannot seem to build MORE off of this Rock and Roll Hall of Fame city thing. It looks like they are losing it. Why can’t a HUGE mega proportion Rock concert be done in this city? One that would
    put the eyes of the nation and world on our city that whould
    host an annual Rock and Rock Fest that would bring back ALL the greats of the 50s 60s 70s 80s and heck even the 90s and present ! Call it, “Cleveland Rock Fest” or something.

    We loved listening to WMMS then! Truly loved it.

    Will rock and roll and will radio itself survive?

    I sort of see those ‘MMS days as a sort of last of the radio personality locally produced shows.

    Same is the case for television movie hosts; ie. Ghoulardi, The Ghoul, Super Host, Houlihan and Big Chuck, and Little John.
    oh yea and Barnaby too !

    It was hoky good fun and we kids loved it and gobbled it up.
    I guess we are all getting old…

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