The Buzzard Band


Denny Sanders, Betty Korvan, Matt the Cat

A few weeks back Denny Sanders was a guest on Jim Chenot’s Friday Night Sandbox show on Akron’s public radio station WAPS/The Summit

On Jim’s show he played a track I never expected to hear again.  It was one of the few rarities spared from the WMMS archival purge.  

It’s safe to say that there were a few frustrated musicians on our staff. On the rare occasion that something wasn’t going on inside the station,  Denny, Matt the Cat, and Betty Korvan would go into the auxiliary production studio at WMMS to jam.

One session got recorded.  It features Betty Korvan on lead vocals; Matt the Cat on guitar, and Denny Sanders on percussion (improvised drums). 

After hearing it, I asked if we could make it available as a download on the Buzzard Book blog.   

I played it for a few people over the past week without revealing identities. Most believed it was an early Stevie Nicks recording. 

So here it is – a free download of the power trio consisting of Betty Korvan, Denny Sanders, and Matt the Cat – collectively known as the Buzzard Band performing a song made famous by Buddy Holly,  “Rave On.”

Download the Buzzard Band here.

2 Responses to “The Buzzard Band”

  1. Richard ("Dick") Clark Says:

    What a long strange trip it’s been since our days at 4900 Euclid Avenue, home to WMMS and Exit Magazine and boxing impresario Don King, among others. Thanks for the memories, John!

  2. Excellent singing by Betty!…….Matt the Cat still looks likea teenager.

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