Buzzard April Fool’s Day commercials


Every April 1st we’d pull out a few April Fools Jokes.  In morning drive, the Buzzard Morning Zoo began ten-minutes early – and all time checks and fixed features (like Token Jokes and Blow Something Up) were also scheduled ten minutes ahead of their usual time slot.  It got a lot of people to work ten minutes earlier than usual. 

Jeff and Flash also delivered a weather forecast that called for extreme changes in temperature and weather conditions during the day – relatively convincing in a city known for abrupt weather changes.   

One year, Flash recalls, “We promoted cheap (and it may have been free) gasoline at “Gas World” and gave an intersection that did not exist….like the corner of Ridge and Broadview Rd.  I was at one location, Spaceman was calling from another.  There were sound effects of cars in the background, so it sounded very real.  Later in the morning, one person called saying she ran out of gas looking for the place!” 

By 9 AM, we’d fess up to our April Fool’s jokes. 

Throughout the day we’d feature satirical commercials, most based on regular WMMS clients. Though we haven’t been able to locate the infamous automobile dealer Rick Case spoof where Kid Leo played Dick Face, but we found a good seven-minutes’ worth of Buzzard blasts from the past, including the renowned B.L.F. Bash School of Broadcasting, which, in retrospect, was a place you’d probably learn more from than a real broadcasting school.

Download WMMS April Fools Day commercials here.

One Response to “Buzzard April Fool’s Day commercials”

  1. In 1975, on April Fool’s day, all the jocks switched shifts, but annouonced themselves as the scheduled jock. The one I remembered was Betty Korvan as Kid Leo. Not earth shattering, but a Buzzard memory nonetheless.

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