Buzzard Morning Zoo videos


Here are two recently found videos of the Buzzard Morning Zoo from twenty-four years ago.

The first features Ed “Flash” Ferenc recapping the morning news headlines and the second has a brief excerpt from one of the most popular features on the Buzzard Morning Zoo – the Token Jokes of the Morning.   

By the fall of 1985, one of five people listening to morning drive radio in Cleveland listened to WMMS!   

The video was done by Art “Radio’s Best Friend” Vuolo, who has been shooting “video airchecks” at radio stations across the U.S. since 1977.

3 Responses to “Buzzard Morning Zoo videos”

  1. Great video! And love the mics, Sennheiser MD421’s. WAY better than the EV RE-20s most stations use these days.

  2. Hey…that reminds me ..I never did get my Token joke-Morning Zoo T-shirt …

  3. […] took over hosting the WMMS Morning Show, with Ed “Flash” Ferenc, which later evolved into the Buzzard Morning Zoo, his successor as production director had to be found.   It was a challenging position to fill.  […]

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