Video: Mr. Leonard on the Buzzard Morning Zoo

Earlier that September ’85 morning on the Buzzard Morning Zoo, head zookeeper Jeff Kinzbach made mention of an anti-depressant with an unusual side effect.    Some users experienced an orgasm while yawning.   That story was referenced throughout the morning show, including this phone call from assistant public service director Mr. Leonard. 

Mr. Leonard was one of the most popular characters on the Buzzard Morning Zoo. He was billed as the “assistant public service director” of WMMS, never showed up for work, and all of his bits were done on the phone.   The Mr. Leonard character had a high-pitched voice, gave bad advice, and would do virtual interviews in the role of eccentric caller or, ultimately, sidekick.   When he called in during a celebrity interview, he’d always ask, “How much money do you make?”  He was irreverent, smart, and made a lot of wel0-deserved money. 

I first heard Mr. Leonard on John Lander’s top-rated morning show at KKBQ/Houston, a rival station to KSRR (K-Star), which Malrite had recently acquired from Cap Cities/ABC.  The character was the creation of John Carrillo who went by the on-air name of John Rio on KKBQ.   I was impressed enough to steal Rio, who was not under contract at KKBQ, for our station.  Under a separate deal, he was already doing morning show bits for Scott Shannon at Z-100/New York, which Malrite also owned, and this put him firmly in our camp.  Suits and countersuits between KSRR and KKBQ followed and were quickly settled and Rio relocated from Houston to Cleveland in late 1986. 

Also featured in this video: Ed “Flash” Ferenc, Len “Boom” Goldberg, and Captain Kenny Clean.

5 Responses to “Video: Mr. Leonard on the Buzzard Morning Zoo”

  1. You forgot the part about where Scene Magazine started the rumor in print that Mr. Leonard and I were the same person afer I had left the magazine.

    Mike Olszewski wrote about it in his WMMS book. Why I’m not sure.

    If Mike would have contacted me, I could have given him at least 6 better stories than that nonsense those goofs cooked up.

  2. RP Nickel Says:

    Hi. I’ve listened to Mr. Leonard aka John Carillo for many years while I lived in NJ. I have never seen a picture of him. Can you please email one to me or tell me a webpage that has a photo. I am dying to know what he looks like. He is very funny and talented – a master of his craft.

    Thank you!


  3. When I lived in Houston I was a great Fan of Mr. Leonard. I loved his song about hob nobbin with the goober smoochers. Can’t find it anywhere. Would love to hear it once again.

  4. I am crying right now

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