The Taurus Party

Though it was never a formally sanctioned event of WMMS, the annual Taurus Party was directly aligned to the station.

34 years ago, when most of us were in our early-to-mid 20’s, we’d look for any motive to throw a party- and there were many.  Most were impromptu; few had a theme.  The Taurus Party was an exception.

It appeared – and was undeniably exploited – that a large number of those working at or with WMMS were born under the sign of Taurus the Bull – between April 20 and May 20.   Matt the Cat, Betty Korvan, and Murray Saul were among the staff Tauruses.

During that time, Murray Saul lived in a large three-bedroom apartment on Euclid Heights Blvd. in Cleveland Heights, just a few doors down from the old Heights Art Theater. One of Murray’s two roommates was also a Taurus.

I was also born under the sign of Taurus and Murray, his roommates, and I decided a party should be thrown that would fall on the second Saturday in May. It became an annual event.  The first few Taurus Parties were held at the Euclid Heights Blvd. address. Dan Garfinkel, our promotion and marketing director, and his roommate, lived across the hall in an equally sized mirror-image apartment, which handled spillage from the main party across the hall.

When Murray and his roommates gave up the apartment, the Taurus Party moved to various locations around Cleveland. Jane Scott, also a Taurus, covered the Taurus Parties in her Plain Dealer column.   National radio and music business trade magazines started writing about it as “the place to be.”

TAURUS-PLAIN DEALERThough Murray left WMMS years earlier, he returned every May to deliver an annual Taurus “Get Down” on the Friday night before the party.

The ninth and tenth Taurus Parties had grown so large that they were held in Sachsenheim Hall on the near west side of Cleveland.

After the tenth, Murray and I called it quits and offered the custodianship of the Taurus Party to anyone wanting to carry on the tradition.

Thirty-four years and many custodians later, the Taurus Party tradition continues.


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