Video: Kid Leo on WMMS, November 1985

Here’s Kid Leo on WMMS in a video aircheck from November 1985.

A sizable number of the current songs we were playing that year came from movie soundtracks.  On this brief aircheck, you’ll hear the intro to two: John Hyatt’s “Snake Charmer” from the soundtrack to White Nights and a now classic James Brown, one of the three soul surviving comeback artists of the year (Aretha Franklin and Tina Turner being the other two) with “Livin’ in America” from the Rocky IV soundtrack.  Leo’s intro to James Brown is worth the price of your Broadband bill.

It was also the year when David Lee Roth vacated Van Halen and anticipation was building on how a radically different style singer, Sammy Hagar, would take over Roth’s roll as lead singer.

It’s the widest variety of rock and roll from that year encapsulated in a two-minute vintage video from Kid Leo on WMMS.

Don’t blink or you’ll miss quick cameos from Matt the Cat and Denny Sanders.

One Response to “Video: Kid Leo on WMMS, November 1985”

  1. Don Beno Says:

    This video was during WMMS’s CHR days.

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