Murray Saul & Denny Sanders – Time waits for no one: the comic


Here’s a slightly embellished true story from the mid-’70s.

This in-house comic by David Helton is about Murray Saul’s problematic alarm clock radio.  The alarm worked but the radio didn’t, which was unacceptable to Murray. He wanted to wake up to WMMS.

Denny Sanders heard of Murray’s quandary. Being a fix-it specialist of broken radios he stopped by Murray’s apartment on Euclid Heights Blvd. in Cleveland Heights, to make required repairs to this troublesome alarm clock radio.

At the time Denny lived in an apartment building almost directly behind Murray’s on Lancashire Road, which is why Denny enters and exits through the window.

Though Murray did the Friday Get Down and the We, the People and Jabberwocky public affairs programs for the programming side of WMMS, he also doubled as a salesperson for the station.

One the same day Walt Tiburski, the WMMS sales manager, called Murray to inform him of an imperative sales meeting the following morning.

The comic tells the story.

A subsequent visit by Denny to Murray’s confirmed that Denny had fixed the radio – and that Murray had forgotten to reset the alarm.

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