Photos from Parma South Library 6/8/09

I had a great time at the Parma South Library last night. Thank you for coming.  I was so caught up in it, I forgot to take photos until the end of the event.  Here’s what I have.  I’m not sure why the photos came out in such odd angles.   I must give very special thanks to Melanie Deutsch at the library for putting this event together.

Also, special thanks to Murray Saul for his appearance.  Buy his CD Murray Saul’s The Get Downs, Vol.1 here or call Traditions Alive, Lakewood, OH at 216.226.6200 for the names/addresses of Cleveland-area retail outlets carrying it.

Another WMMS Buzzard: Ed “Flash” Ferenc will be filling-in on WTAM, 1100AM/Cleveland this Friday from 3 to 7 PM. It will also be streamed on line from the WTAM website.

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