Denny Sanders’ Video Aircheck, WMMS, November ’85

This is an all-too-brief video featuring Denny Sanders on WMMS from November, 1985. Denny owned 6 to 10 PM on Cleveland radio. He was far more than just an air personality – he was an entertainer – a unique trait the WMMS airstaff shared.

Denny’s official title was creative services director.  I preferred “conscience.”  Denny’s input was imperative and he shared in nearly every decision made in regards to WMMS programming and operations.   He produced and scheduled the weekly live Coffee Break Concerts, which were hosted by Matt the Cat. That involved dealing with labels, managers, tour managers, and the Cleveland Agora on an almost daily basis to insure that the scheduled act would be playing live in front of a packed house every Wednesday afternoon at 1.  There was no other show on any radio station in America like the weekly Coffee Break Concerts. Denny dealt hands-on with acts as diverse as U2, Tom Waits, John Mellencamp, and even Boxcar Willie.  Denny also worked closely with a number of local bands.

Regardless of what Denny’s pre-show day was like, every weeknight he delivered the North Coast of America four-hours of fast-moving, forward motion, music and pertinent information, while taking listener calls between songs.

This video was shot by Art Vuolo, “Radio’s Best Friend,” for his “Video Air-chex” series.

2 Responses to “Denny Sanders’ Video Aircheck, WMMS, November ’85”

  1. Kingfish Stevens Says:

    Hooooly Mackerel, that is way too short!! Denny was the voice of our evenings for much of our lives. I did homework while listening, cruised around on Friday night partying while listening (the offical kick off to the weekend) and probably had him on the radio the first time…well never mind that. When I tried my hand at radio, I attempted to mimick Denny’s style and his knowledge of the music. I would be a true joy to be able to turn on the radio and hear him again.

  2. […] When it arrived at Hopkins, I drove it to the station where it was transferred for broadcast and Denny Sanders immediately put it on the air.  We played one cut every half-hour, inserting “WMMS exclusive” […]

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