National trade magazine story on the Agora and WMMS from 1978

WMMS AGORA PAGE ONE Few radio stations and rock clubs enjoyed the inimitable relationship WMMS and the Cleveland Agora shared.   From January, 1974 through late 1984, we sponsored weekly WMMS Nights Out at the Agora, which featured mostly new up-and-coming acts. In addition, we carried the concerts live, which gave mass audio exposure to the performances.

The phenomenal success of the WMMS Monday Nights Out at the Agora led to occasional, which soon became regular second “WMMS Night Out” shows, on Tuesday nights, which we also carried live on the air.

Some first time performers were priced with a “low dough” $1.01 admission.

In late 1978 we added video to the mix with On Stage at the Agora, a weekly Saturday night TV concert series carried on WJW-TV, Channel 8 and simulcast on WMMS. The intent was to syndicate the show nationally, which unfortunately fell through.

The following year, we took our weekly Wednesday Coffee Break Concerts to the Cleveland Agora, as still another weekly concert feature – both in the club and on the air.  The Coffee Break Concerts also featured new artists, along with local performers, and occasionally a rare major act performance.   What other city in the world featured a weekly rock concert at 1 PM in the afternoon – both in the club and on-the-air?   And – admission was free.   On rare occasion, such as John Cougar Mellencamp’s acoustic set, we gave away tickets in advance on the air.

This is an article from Claude Hall’s International Radio Report, a weekly trade magazine, from November 23, 1978 on the Cleveland Agora and WMMS.

WMMS AGORA PAGE ONE_0001Click multiple times to enlarge print

There’s more to be read about the Agora and WMMS in The Buzzard



2 Responses to “National trade magazine story on the Agora and WMMS from 1978”

  1. I think WXPN does a Friday afternoon concert these days. But, yeah, unheard of back then.

  2. […] here was a Cleveland music industry veteran – and holds the record for attending the most WMMS Nights Out at the Cleveland Agora. He was at every show! L to R – Standing: Betty Korvan, Denny Sanders, Kid Leo, John Gorman, Frank […]

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