Thirty One Years Ago in Cleveland, Ohio…..

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Choosing one favorite WMMS memory is a nearly impossible task – but way, way up there, where the air is rare, has to be Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band playing our 10th Anniversary Concert at the Cleveland Agora. It was also carried on an ad hoc network of seven rock stations in Detroit, Pittsburgh, Chicago, St. Louis, Columbus, and Cincinnati.

E Street Band drummer Max Weinberg called it the best show the band ever did.

One of the best complements I received about that show came a few years later from Bob Seger, backstage at an Eagles concert at the Coliseum. He said, “Man, I heard the concert you guys put on with Springsteen.  That was the greatest rock and roll show I ever heard.”  He told me he was one of the many listeners who ran to his tape machine to record his own copy.

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  1. […] that could never be imitated or duplicated.   Though 1978 will always be known for that Bruce Springsteen concert broadcast at the Agora, we’d also broken new ground with our first Buzzard Beatles Blitz production (the second ran in […]

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