Buzzard Vehicles

L to R: John Gorman, Kenny Miles (WMMS sales), Robert "Roach" Markowitz (A&R Custom), David Helton, Joel Frensdorf (WMMS sales), Jeff Kinzbach

L to R: John Gorman, Kenny Miles (WMMS sales), Robert "Roach" Markowitz (A&R Custom), David Helton, Joel Frensdorf (WMMS sales), Jeff Kinzbach

6175_1216946901488_1163317950_30654837_6451653_nFrom the mid 70s through the mid 80s, you’d see the WMMS Buzzard everywhere – and that was by design.

One of the designers during that era was Robert “Roach” Markowitz of A&R Custom in Cleveland, whose work adorned our customized WMMS Buzzard vans, speedboat, racecar, and motorcycle.   Robert also did the art for Daffy Dan’s van and a van Alex Bevan and WMMS donated to the Free Clinic in Cleveland.  David Helton did the initial artwork, whic6175_1216947021491_1163317950_30654840_2277497_nh Robert transformed to the vehicles.

We even joked about buying a tank – though, considering the brutal competition between radio stations during those years, we probably weren’t joking.Robert's Airbrush 059

By 1985, we took to the skies with our own Buzzard plane, piloted by our Morning Zoo traffic reporter Pat Brady.

In 1986, Denny Sanders and I were working on our ultimate Buzzard vehicle – a huge mobile sundeck studio, which we intended to use for live remote broadcasts throughout our listening area and beyond.  We had purchased the mobile studio and were in the process of outfitting it when a corporate 6175_1216946941489_1163317950_30654838_3375743_nmanagement change occurred, which led to the project being cancelled.

Still, during those years, WMMS vehicles were on land, on the lake, and in the air.  And that wasn’t counting the hundreds of thousands of WMMS bumper stickers and decals that decorated cars, vans, and trucks throughout Greater Cleveland.

WMMS Race Car 1

WMMS Buzzard Bus 2

WMMS Race Car 2WMMS Thunder Buzzard Race Boat 2

Daffy Dan's Van

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2 Responses to “Buzzard Vehicles”

  1. I remember all of these. Those were the glory days:)

  2. It was 1988….I was driving back to Chicago from the NAB in Washington that year. I stopped into Daffy Dan’s during my overnight stay in Cleveland. They could have named that shop the WMMS store. If they sold anything else besides ‘MMS gear, I never saw it.

    I dropped over $100 on stuff. I still have the Buzzard Beach Towel!

    During my short stay in Cleveland, it was clear that WMMS was truly a marketing machine.

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