WMMS in 1974 – Selling out or buying in?


What happens when a formerly insignificant, long-haired underground hippie imaged radio station on that hard-t0-find FM band becomes the top rock station in Cleveland?

The old guard turns on it.

This is one of the first mainstream magazine articles written about WMMS – from Cleveland Magazine in late 1974.  Much had been written about the station over the past year – most of it in the Plain Dealer and Cleveland Press Friday entertainment supplements, and the alternative weeklies (Scene, Zeppelin, Exit).

Len “Boom” Goldberg had just quit the station (he rejoined a few weeks after this piece was written).

The big news was that WMMS had beaten all odds by topping its AM partner, WHK – just a little over a year after the stations’ chief engineer predicted that the FM band would never amount to much.

Even more remarkable was that radios featuring both AM and FM bands cost more than those with just AM.

Many of our listeners bought after-market FM tuners, which they mounted under their dashboards so WMMS could be heard while driving.  A car radio, which included FM was costly and had to be special-ordered.

We were also a full year from Congressional legislation that would force manufacturers to include the FM band in all radios retailing for $12 or more.

Rated H for hostility.





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BUZZARD BOOK COVER SMALLDid we sell out, buy in or peddle off our souls for rock & roll?

More details in The Buzzard

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