When the rock classics were current

WMMS CHART 7.11.79 1

Each week we’d call and survey dozens of record stores – both independently owned and operated businesses and regional and national chains throughout the Greater Cleveland, Akron, and Canton.

You may remember some of the names: Record Revolution, Camelot, Record Theater, Quonset Hut, Record Rendezvous, Melody Lane, Music Grotto, and Cosmic Records.

We compiled the sales of albums we were playing and produced this chart and song list based on both sales and airplay.  This list was then made available to our staff, all stores participating in the research, along with the record labels, and radio and record business trade papers and magazines.

The Adds were new albums we added that week and Up and Coming were previously added albums that were beginning to get response on-air, at retail, or both.

The second page incorporated our top ten most popular tracks for the week, which typically – but not always corresponded with the artist’s current single release.

We also played a noteworthy number of imports – albums and singles that were released outside – but not in the U.S. On Sunday nights at midnight, we featured a long-running Import Hour, which highlighted the best of the new releases.

Rediscoveries were usually from albums that had been released anywhere from nine months to a year ago – but occasionally included artists whose earlier works had been “rediscovered” and requested because of a new release sparking memories of previously released material.

Advance releases were new tracks we were playing from albums, which hadn’t been officially released.  Often labels would release an advance track or two ahead of an official album debut.

This list features the current music we were playing thirty years ago this past July.  Programming assistant Rhonda Kiefer was in charge of the survey.  This particular one was compiled by Lori Marcus.

WMMS CHART 7.11.79 2

Click charts multiple times to enlarge to a readable size.

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