Kid Leo & Jeff Kinzbach interviews from February 1979


Here are a couple of interviews from the weekly national radio station-music business trade magazine Radio Music Report.

In the late ‘70s through the mid ‘80s we had over a dozen trade papers serving the record and radio industries.  One of them, Radio Music Report, was run by Chuck Dunaway, the renowned top 40 programmer from the 60s and early 70s.  Chuck programmed WIXY-1260/Cleveland during its peak years.  As radio evolved to FM, Chuck moved into publishing and created RMR.

We were coming off of an extraordinary year – 1978. It was our celebrated 10th Anniversary and our staff worked around the clock – at times seven days a week – to create a solid 12 months of innovative radio programming that could never be imitated or duplicated.   Though 1978 will always be known for that Bruce Springsteen concert broadcast at the Agora, we’d also broken new ground with our first Buzzard Beatles Blitz production (the second ran in 1980 with additional material).  We had not only achieved – we went well beyond the goals we set for our 10th Anniversary – and now, in 1979, we were faced with one vital question – What do we do for an encore?

Little did we know that in 1978 we were just warming up.

This is from the February 19, 1979 issue of RMR featuring interviews with Kid Leo and Jeff Kinzbach.



Click pages multiple times for best readable size

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