The abridged story of the Buzzard from the Cleveland Press, Sept. 29, 1977

Until June 1982 Cleveland was a two newspaper city.

Both the Plain Dealer and the Cleveland Press featured Friday tabloid-size entertainment magazines.  Jane Scott was the primary music and radio writer for the Plain Dealer’s Friday magazine while Bruno Bornino and Harriet Peters handled those duties for the Press.

The formats of the two Friday supplements were nearly identical.

This Bruno Bornino-written piece appeared in the Friday, September 29, 1977 Cleveland Press.

By this time we already had over a million WMMS Buzzard items in circulation – from bumper stickers to T-shirts and jerseys.   We were also outselling Indians, Browns, and Cavs merchandise.


BUZZ CLEVEPRESS 2BUZZ CLEVEPRESS 4BUZZ CLEVE PRESS 3BUZZ CLEVE 5aBUZZ CLEVEPRESS 5BUZZ CLEVEPRESS 6You can click each section multiple times to enlarge to readable size

BUZZARD BOOK COVER SMALLMore on the birth of the Buzzard can be found in The Buzzard, Chapter 7


One Response to “The abridged story of the Buzzard from the Cleveland Press, Sept. 29, 1977”

  1. Rick Steiner Says:

    Talk about history, I was looking through some old books of mine at my dads place and found a 2″x2″ sticker for WMMS which had the mushroom from 1971. Man that was rockin back then.

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