Robert Gordon sings for his Buzzard

robert-gordon-1 wmms-archives-print-ads-articles-1975-126

Being associated with up-and-coming acts was a tremendous asset for WMMS. We listened to virtually every album release, and we didn’t limit our listening to what the promo guys were hyping.

We strived to to get artists to cut personalized IDs for WMMS – and tried to make them distinctive to stand out from the plain “Hi, this is (artist) and you’re listening to (station).” Generally, prior to or after an on-air interview, we’d invite an artist to our production studio to cut some IDs – including specialty versions for Christmas, New Year’s, and, if time allowed, individual IDs for our airstaff.

We had our motives.  The ID was an endorsement by the artist for WMMS – and served as a station identification bridge between two songs in a music set without interrupting our music flow.

Occasionally, artists come up with something inimitable and original, like Bruce Springsteen’s “I don’t have a radio but Miami Steve does…” Or U2’s Bono and The Edge who heard Springsteen’s and one-upped it with, “I’m the singer, he (Edge) is the guitarist, and we both listen to WMMS.” Then there was Sting’s “I get a buzz out of the Buzzard” and Joe Walsh claiming he listened to WMMS even when the radio wasn’t on. On a few rare occasions we got an artist to sing their WMMS ID. This is one from rockabilly artist Robert Gordon, a WMMS favorite.

The idea actually came from top 40 radio.  It always stuck in my mind that Boston’s WMEX had Eric Burdon of the Animals do one.  When I was fourteen, I thought the Animals were cool, and WMEX was cool for having the Animals say the station was.

Special thanks to Dusty Basmagy for this ID.

MP3 Download here:

…and with the Boss coming to town, here’s the classic Bruce Springsteen WMMS ID, click here

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BUZZARD BOOK COVER SMALLMore on bizarre Buzzard programming plans can be found in Chapter 10 of The Buzzard

One Response to “Robert Gordon sings for his Buzzard”

  1. Chuck Witt Says:

    Yes, thank you Dusty for this ID to hear it once again after 30 years. Now if we can get Pete Townshend’s 70’s WMMS ID “Rock and Roll will always, always, always. always…” and Tom Petty’s “Hey, I’m not in Cleveland right now but if I were I would…”.

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