Music to keep warm by

With the weather turning colder, here’s an appropriate David Helton WMMS Buzzard print ad from early 1975. After close to a year after his conception, the Buzzard had established himself as the official WMMS mascot – and the Buzzard’s character was slowly evolving.

With the Buzzard, we coveted the idea of going where no station had gone before. How could we take advantage of the identity, how cold we make WMMS greater than the combined respective peaks of WIXY, KYW, and WHK? How could we build the Buzzard into the most recognizable logo in Cleveland since Chief Wahoo? Going beyond the obvious T-shirts and sweatshirts, we felt we could market key chains, belt buckles, roach clips, and jeans – and we did.

This ad appeared in the March 10, 1975 issue of Exit Magazine, Cleveland’s alternative weekly paper at that time.

For more on the Buzzard – see Chapter 7 – Hatching the Buzzard in The Buzzard.

Click on the Buzzard ad multiple times for larger size images

One Response to “Music to keep warm by”

  1. Dan Hirschfeld Says:

    The early version of The Buzzard will always be the best in my book. Likely that’s because I was most impressionable back then and that Buzzard looked to be the most rebellious — which I wasn’t.

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