Still more Fleetwood Mac Attack….

L to R; Jules Belkin (Belkin Productions) Christine McVie, Stevie Nicks, Mick Fleetwood, John McVie, Bob Welch.

Here are more photos from the Bond Court Fleetwood Mac press conference from David Helton. These photos show a panorama view of the press conference, including the ring of penguins David created for it.

The press conference was the result of a last-minute cancellation of Fleetwood Mac’s WMMS World Series of Rock concert at Cleveland Stadium the following day, August 4, 1978.  Lindsey Buckingham hadn’t sufficiently recovered from a spinal tap.  He’d been hospitalized following a collapse on July 30, but was able to play a concert later that night in Philadelphia. At the press conference it was announced that the show was being rescheduled for August 26.

Since all radio and TV stations were invited to cover the press conference, we were not allowed to display any WMMS Buzzards, even though we were co-sponsors of the World Series of Rock. It was understandable – but we asked anyway.

Actually, we didn’t mind since those penguins looked suspiciously like Buzzard cousins.

David Helton remembers:

It was when the band had to postpone the show because of Lindsey’s illness. They decided to have a major press conference in Cleveland to explain the problem. After all, it was a big stadium show and they knew how passionate Cleveland fans were about music and about Fleetwood Mac. They wanted a sincere effort to explain that they would be back when Lindsey had recovered.

I was asked by the show’s promoter, Belkin Productions, to paint and construct some penguins to personalize the band’s dressing room for the show – but when it was postponed, Belkin decided to use the penguins in the press conference.

I remember the guys from our rival station were going to the press conference as well, so when they walked in and saw those penguins that look strangely like our own WMMS Buzzard, they flipped out!  There were all these penguins in front of the band during the conference and it was glorious! It made me very proud.

Later in the summer, when the band returned for the show, my penguins were used to decorate Fleetwood Mac’s dressing rooms.

I used acrylic paint on a somewhat stiff board called foamcore. Each one was hand-painted and cut out individually. It looks like they were about 3 to 4 feet tall. I think I may have done about 8 to 10 of them. They took 2 or 3 with them when they left. I don’t know what happened to the rest.

I received one of them back, all signed with gratitude from the band. It’s one of my prized possessions and I’ll never forget the experience.

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More Mac attacks and Buzzard wars in The Buzzard

3 Responses to “Still more Fleetwood Mac Attack….”

  1. I have loved these series of posts on the Fleetwood Mac attacks! The behind the scenes stories and the vintage photos are precious.

  2. I have a ticket stub from that WORLD SERIES OF ROCK with the word “MAC” still very legible if you would ever like to see it or post it on your site let me know. I have alot of stubs from past shows like the STONES WORLD SERIES OF ROCK. I cant believe I paid $12.50 for that show. How about The ELO WORLD SERIES OF ROCK. I wish there was a way to look some of these up through archives as alot of them had the bands name ripped off going through the gates. Those Were the daze!

  3. The ELO World Series of Rock had ELO, Journey, Foreigner, and one other band. Eddie Money maybe? Good times.

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