The First WMMS “End of the Decade” special – the Seventies!

A WMMS print ad by David Helton from early 1975

Since we’re commemorating the end of a tumultuous decade this week, it’s only fitting that we turn back the clock thirty years ago this week and present a review of an equally tumultuous decade – the seventies!

Though decades actually end on their tenth year, which end in 00, following World War II media began to review the prior ten years and observe the new decade a year earlier – so we did the same.

For weeks leading up to the end of 1979, the WMMS staff collected and compiled the music, the pop culture, and the newsworthy events of the seventies for a special presentation, which we ran at the end of the year.

Ed “Flash” Ferenc, Denny Sanders, Betty Korvan, and Al “The Bear” Koski provide the commentary.

Though the original masters of the 1979 decade review were lost, we owe special thanks to one of our WMMS listeners, who prefers to remain anonymous, for taping and saving the original broadcast.

The original special ran commercial-free for twelve hours on  Sunday, December 30, 1979.

Due to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, we cannot feature the music played during the special.

Here it is for your downloading pleasure:

WMMS 1970s Decade special, tracks 1 -20 – click here.

WMMS 1970s Decade special, tracks 21-40 – click here.

WMMS 1970s Decade special, tracks 41-62 – click here.

WMMS 1970s Decade special, track 63 – click here.

2 Responses to “The First WMMS “End of the Decade” special – the Seventies!”

  1. GREAT documentary, I just love these!! They take a LOT of work, but the end results are always worth it!!!!

  2. I had the extreme pleasure of seeing Linda Ronstadt at Blossom in 1978. A friend of mine got me a front row seat. I still remember how she sparkled…figuratively and literally! She was wearing that sparkle make-up that was popular in those days. It was unreal! Not only did she sound great, she was beautiful and she sparkled. I strongly recommend the front row.
    I recently obtained a VHS recording of the show that Linda Ronstadt and band did 1 week after the Blossom show. (33 years ago???) She is wearing the same clothes and has the sparkle stuff on. I had forgotten about the skimpy shirt she wore that night. Yow. Again, I recommend the front row!

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