The infamous WMMS World Series of Rock 1979 – Game #1


This was the hardest- rocking and most notorious of all World Series of Rock concerts.

AC/DC was the opening act. It was their final Cleveland appearance with Bon Scott as the band’s lead vocalist. The band released their Highway to Hell album the following week though we had managed to score an exclusive advance release prior to the concert (the local label rep didn’t even have a copy yet).

Journey’s second album with Steve Perry, Evolution, was released a month earlier. I believe this show was Journey’s last as a supporting act.

This was Ted Nugent’s first tour with new band members. Vocalist and guitarist Derek St. Holmes was replaced by Charlie Huhn and bassist Rob Grange by David Kiswiney. Few took notice of the personnel change.

Cleveland had been quite forgiving of Aerosmith considering that throughout most of the seventies they habitually cancelled their Cleveland concerts at the last minute – including a low-priced mea culpa concert at Music Hall. That one was set up a year earlier by the band with WMMS to express regret for their prior cancellations.

The Aerosmith tour was to support their new album, A Night in the Ruts, which was supposed to be released in June but it remained uncompleted when the band was obligated to hit the road.

It was apparent from Aerosmith’s lackluster and tension-filled performance at the World Series of Rock that the band was disintegrating. Tyler could still howl like a Banshee but thanks to his slavish devotion to hard drugs, he couldn’t remember lyrics. Perry played like he was on a different planet than the rest of the band. There was no magic left in the tank.

Backstage, they were tearing each other apart like junkyard dogs. After the concert, Joe Perry’s wife Elyssa threw a glass of milk at Tom Hamilton’s wife Terry and a cat fight ensued. Perry found the exit strategy he needed. He quit Aerosmith, returned to Boston, and turned his side project band, the Joe Perry Project, into a full-time commitment.

Later, Brad Whitford left the band to form a new one with ex-Nugent vocalist and guitarist Derek St. Holmes.

Members of Aerosmith and its entourage stopped by WMMS the night before the World Series of Rock concert for an interview with Denny Sanders.

While there they perused our alphabetically-filed album library and in doing so refilled many of them in the wrong place. It took weeks to locate most of the mislaid ones.

I was in the station working on last minute plans for our day-of-show World Series of Rock programming.

I took a break to stop in the studio to say hello. As I walked by the newsroom I heard an unusual commotion. Looking in I found Steven Tyler on top of a table and on all-fours, snorting a line of cocaine that looked long enough to be a mile marker, extending from one end of the table to another.

The days of lines and noses.

More on World Series of Rock shows in Chapters 8, 11, 13, 19, and 21 in The Buzzard.

(After posting this, I received a comment from artist Derek Hess who reminded me that this show also had an unbilled surprise opening act – the Scorpions. That slipped my mind and shouldn’t have since I clearly remember meeting them backstage. Most of the band could not speak English, at least well. Lead singer Klaus Meine spoke broken English – but could sing the language without problem. The band had been together since 1972 but this was their first concert date in America. Regarding Thin Lizzy, I’m not sure if this tour was their last in America. There were two deaths. One died from falling off the backstop. There was a second death – a stabbing that occurred near the stadium though police believed it was not related to the concert. Please check out Derek Hess’ web site at

(Update: Thin Lizzy did play Cleveland one more time on a special WMMS Sunday Night Out at the Agora on November 16, 1980, which was broadcast on the station.)

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  1. […] The infamous WMMS World Series of Rock 1979 – Game one AC/DC was the opening act. The band released their Highway to Hell the following week though we had managed to score an advance release prior to the concert. Journey’s second album with Steve Perry, Evolution, was released a month … […]

  2. While going through old boxes that had been in storage for years, I came across the old “concert banner” I had made for this show. I drew all the bands’ logos (in glitter, of course) on an old bed sheet and had friends & strangers add their artistic touches to it at the show.

    I remember meeting Jane Scott at that show; she had someone take a picture of the banner but it didn’t get published in any of the local papers… No doubt because of all the illustrated references to illegal substances that appeared on the banner!

  3. what about the people who died at the show? and scorpions being the suprise openner and that show was thier very first date ever in the states.

    how about some mention of thin lizzy, i believe that was the last tour they did of the states before phil died


  4. […] The infamous WMMS World Series of Rock 1979 – Game one Cleveland had been quite forgiving of Aerosmith considering that throughout most of the seventies they habitually cancelled their Cleveland concerts at the last minute – including a low-priced mea culpa concert, which was set up a year … […]

  5. Yes, I remember the show real well! What a time we had. I do remember Aerosmith sucking big time. Uncle Ted kicked butt. The other four bands all sounded real good. I remember somebody shooting up heroin about 10 rows from the stage (if you can imagine rows at a general admission show).

    All in all, it was one of my best outdoor shows. The lineup was killer and the crowd wasn’t too bad either. Long live rock!

  6. Jeff Donahoe Says:

    Wow, this concert is listed in my top 5, I know Aerosmith was not performing at full speed but being outside and 90+ degrees made it still special. ACDC, Uncle Ted, Thin Lizzy and Scorpions Rocked. A special treat in 1979 was all the nudity this concert put Kid Rock’s shows on the shelf.

    Does anyone know where a 1979 WSR concert bill, ticket, t-shirt or anything could be purchased. jd

    • Tony Galloro Says:

      I have a t-shirt for sale…$200,000.

      • Robert Dugan Says:

        Do you still have that shirt for sale? Contact me VIA – Email. I’ve been looking for a World Series Of Rock Tour Shirt & a Rock-N-Roll Marathon Tour Shirt featuring, Humble Pie, Mothers Finest, Frank Marino, and ANGEL

    • I have a vintage newspaper with the ad that appears at the top of this page. It’s in excellent shape. It’s from the Cleveland Plain Dealer. I would consider selling the page it appears on.

      • Ray Ellinwood Says:

        My buddy Kenny is in that picture in the Plain Dealer. One big guy is shown holding his arms up and you can see Kenny’s face(barely). My favorite moment was the very beginning. My brother Shawn and I had been listening to Tokyo Tapes months before the show and were on cloud nine when they came onstage. Nobody knew who they were. They would never forget though.

    • I was 14 years old at this one!! Thanks Dad!! I will never forget!

  7. Rick Vera-Burgos Says:

    Holy cow, blast from the past. This was definitely one of my top all time concerts. My girlfriend and I and our best friends came down from Detroit the night before, and spent the night on a blanket *right* in front of the west stadium entrance. Find it amazing no one else recalls the rain that night – was quit miserable after the beer had run out several hours before! And then there was the gate opening fiasco – after some bottle throwing incidents outside the stadium, I guess they decided it was better to let people in before someone got killed outside, so they open the *one* gate on the west side at about 8:30am, I’d estimate. About 30,000 people tried to get though that gate at the same instant. Somehow, we managed to not get trampled and got a spot 50ft. from the stage. Man, you haven’t lived until you’ve stayed up all night in the rain, are hung over and then get hit with 120 decibels of AC/DC at 10am from that distance. Between them, the Scorpions and Thin Lizzy, by the time Journey came on my girl and I were so wiped out we went up into the stands and slept through them! When Nugent finally started, I could barely stand up let alone yell anymore. At least we were finally dried out by then. I wish I could post pictures here, so I could show off my concert T-shirt (or what’s left of it, as it was obviously a bootleg since it shrank three sizes the first time it was washed, and was never worn again). What a wild time, one I’ll never forget!

    • Oh, that was my first really big outdoor event and the best, 2500 concerts later and it still ranks in the Top 5, was,’t Def Leppard there, they were just teens, plenty of naked good looking girls there and the beer cheap,. Rock on

    • Rick Vera-Burgos Says:

      Wow, I had forgotten that aspect. The sound from AC/DC was so loud that after several numbers, my girlfriend and I sat down to get away from it (people still standing shielded us from the volume). Suddenly, there was a commotion off to our left, and then the people parted and here comes this GIANT guy (had to be 6′ 6″ and 250 lbs. at least) with Bon on his shoulders, and we almost got trampled! He ran rignt over me, and kicked over all of our stuff. Then they were gone into the crowd. One more incident in a truly wild time…

      • Rick Vera-Burgos Says:

        OK, now I’m embarrassed. After a few minutes of thought, it occurred to me it wasn’t Bon on the guy’s shoulders, but Angus Young. Well, at least MY mind is totally drug-addled… 😉

      • Ray Ellinwood Says:

        How about when Angus jumped off of the amps W O W

  8. I was 15 I was drinking Black Velvet with 7up the Scorpions Rocked, their poor lead guitarist looked like he was in shock when they first started then he started the Gene Simons tongue wag, AC/DC what can you say abut a gent in a kilt playing bagpipes with a spastic guitar player doing 360’s on his side and then moons the audience. Thin Lizzy I can still see their Guitar players red sunburst Les Paul and the emergency vehicle lights they had setup for Jail Brake. Am I thinking of Game two with Bob Seger or didn’t Def Leopard play after AC/DC? Aerosmith what can you say, not one of there best performances, Journey was quite good but Ted Kicked A- – ! My ears rang for three days. Been in Phoenix Az for 21 years but would never change growing up in Rocky River Ohio. Go Pirates and Long Horns.

    • Conrad Kadlec Says:

      I was 18 years old and at this event and I swore Def Leppard played too. My friend Keith said the band was there. Still trying to confirm if this was fact. I still have my T-shirt. Great time and a very long day!

    • Ray Ellinwood Says:

      We saw Bon and we saw Phil that day. The only other show that could match this show was the ’83 US Festival!

      • Seeing Bon Scott and Phil Lynott before their untimely deaths has always remained special to me. Still rocking with them 35 years later (in spirit, of course).

  9. willam hilton Says:

    what a blast from the past-glad i put the ticket stub in a scrap book-the price on the ticket is $12.50-what a bargain.LOUD AND PROUD this WSR event had to be filmed along with others-where are those films now?I would buy them all as this was a huge part of my music experience at age 21-YIKES-my best memory of this show was sitting up top for shade,above the baseball diamond which had been fenced off with snowfence,and when Ted Nugent played ‘dog eat dog’ 2-guys with 2 labs were inside of the baseball diamond throwing frisbees back and forth to the dogs !!! someone threw a huge firecracker off the top deck during ACDC which exploded in air and was extremely loud enough to get Bon and Angus to startle a second,which kicked them even into a higher gear.perfect examples of just how Cleveland does ROCK !!!!!

    • Dave Conner Says:

      Hey did you ever find any film or recordings of this concert. I did see that you can watch the entire AC DC set on you tube. Never have found anything else.

  10. Mark Zelinsky Says:

    Just saw AC/DC in Ft. Lauderdale last night. Who would have thunk? They are still amazing! They freaking rock!!! To my left were three 18ish kids. To my right A Mom & Dad, w/ their 15 yr daughter and an 8 yr boy. (there was a lot of that going on last night!) I’m simply amazed how AC/DC has such a multigenerational rabid fan base!

    I asked the 18ish kids why they were coming to a dinosaur gig! They replied “No way man, they rock!” I couldn’t help but telling them about my WSR 1 experience!

    I was 18, living in Columbus, going to OIT (Devry). A bunch of us piled in, and tooled up I-71. Cleveland was so different from Columbus! (culture shock!) I’m trying so hard to remember all these acts that you all cited. But I do remember these highlights (hey it was the freaking 70’s, OK?):
    1. The biker dude on the floor bleeding, and fending for his life with a knife.
    2. AC/DC blowing my mind. Help me out here, did Angus play his guitar from atop of someone’s (Bon’s?) shoulder, jump, land on his knees, and not miss a lick!!! I truly miss Bon. Glad I had the privilege to see him.
    3. Steve Tyler was so fucked up, and into himself, that it was a distraction. I remember the entourage to stage right. There was a double amputee on a roll around cart???
    4. Journey, Nugent, and Thin Lizzy were great! I can’t remember the Scorpions…

    It only took me 25+ years, while watching VH1 classics, to figure out that Joe Perry quit Aerosmith at that unbelievable experience of a lifetime! I wish I still had the white and orange concert jersey that fell apart in the wash, due to wearing it proudly, and too often! (I guess it wouldn’t fit me anyway…)

  11. Mark Zelinsky Says:

    Beyond my wildest dreams, I have located an eight part Youtube series of Videos of AC/DC’s set at this very concert!!!!!!!

    I guess standing on the field, I took Angus’s jump off Angus shoulders for a landing on his knees. This video straightens it all out for me.

    Light up a doober, pour a strong drink, and be a teenager again, watch this fantastic trip down memory lane!!!!

  12. Maxharddrive Says:

    I was at this show. It was my first concert. I was 16. Two of my older friends and I had driven down from Detroit. No way were we going to miss this. We left Detroit around 5am and made it to Cleveland Stadium just in time. I still have the t-shirt. We’d only just walked into the stadium when the show began. Nothing like having a great buzz and listening to ACDC at 8:30am! Wow….I remember it was a somewhat rainy day as The Scorpions took the stage then it just kept getting better and better,(ta hell with the weather!) Thin Lizzy,Journey, Aerosmith and Nugent. Damn what a show! We met and partied with people from all over the midwest. What a great time. When I tell people of this line-up almost to a person they say “No F**Kin way!”.” And I usually add “Yea, esp for $12.50 a ticket. Great memories.

  13. Got some ticket for the show on my site

    Lizzy did their last US-tour back in 1980

    Best wishes from Peter

  14. Found a film with AC/DC from this gig

    Wonder if there was any other bands that was filmed that day??

    Thin Lizzy I hope 🙂

    • Rick Vera-Burgos Says:

      These YouTube links don’t seem to stay put long term… go there and seach for wesaluteyouacdc Cleveland (you need the Cleveland part because this guy has over 1100 AC/DC videos!), and you’ll find a series of 5.

      HUGE dissapointment; I was hoping to see the Bon’s run through the crowd with Angus on his shoulders (yes it was Bon, not a roady as I recounted earler, my alcohol-addled memory is worse than I thought 😉 in these videos during “Rocker”, but for whatever reason, it shows them leaving the stage through the back, then focuses on Malcolm or full stage shots from the front for nearly 4 solid minutes, after which you see Bon with Angus on his shoulders re-ernter from the back! Dang, I really thought after all these years I might find myself in the video, but no joy!

  15. Best and first concert in my life, I was 15.
    I’m going home tonight to look at my album of pictures and ticket!! I wish I still had the t-shirt too.
    Would love to get one if anyone has any.

  16. Amazing that 30 yrs later people are still talking about this concert!!!

    • amazing indeed…..i had just graduated from high school……..took the summer off before going to boot camp at paris island…..drove there from the toledo area…big road party on the turnpike…..we were well in our element when we arrived at the stadium…….that was my 2nd time seeing bon scott….i had the pleasure of seeing him 1 more time before he bought the farm……they were my favorite band in high school and well beyond…..ted ….man….seen him a good number of times…the great white buffalo……his axe will deaffin you……thin lizzy rocked….saw people drop right in front of me……seen a guy from the top seats throw a watermellon down and hit a guy in the back of the head …he tumbled along way….been to allot of concerts …this was one of the most interesting

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  18. Bigfun show! Can’t believe it’s been 30 years! I still have the bedsheet banner I made, complete with the bands’ logos in glitter and signed by people we ran into at the show. Jane Scott had her photographer take a picture of it but it didn’t get published in the PD.

  19. I was there too. I was 18. The things I remember best are…
    AC/DC was great but I couldn’t take watching Angus. Just seeing him bob his head up and down gave me a headache. I guess I was thinking about what it would feel like to do that for 40 minutes.
    Thin Lizzy just killed. They were incredible.
    Journey seemed really out of place at this show but they played really well.
    Aerosmith was awful. I got up front to see them. They were my favorite band at that time. Talk about a disappointment.
    And finally what I think was the moment of the show. It had been overcast all day but when Uncle Ted came on the same broke through the clouds and it got nice out. I remember Ted saying “I heard Cleveland wanted some sunshine so I ordered some up for ya.” The place went wild and Ted kicked butt. I was never that big a Nugent fan but man did he put on a show.

  20. Doc Rock Says:

    I am sitting here with one of my scrapbooks open, looking at the green,yellow and orange ticket stub from that concert. Yep, $12.50. We left the concert during Ted’s second song, just to beat the traffic. A guy was schlepping his styrofoam cooler up the steps when the handle broke off. He got so mad that he just kicked the cooler and left it on the steps. I tore off some styrofoam and shoved a piece into each ear just for noise relief!

    I was so overwhelmed by the decadence all around me that I thought to myself, if a bomb were to drop on the stadium and obliterate us all (including me) it would have been no great loss to society.

    That weekend was my final fling before getting married the next weekend. The college buddy I was with that day and I both went on to earn Ph.D.s and become establishment….and that day still lingers as a precious memory. I am thrilled to see so many people remembering that time fondly. I longtime fan of the Buzzard’s sister station here in the Philadelphia area: WMMR, 93.3 FM.

  21. Being from Toledo I remember people talking about this show but I don’t remember why I wasn’t there. Was Gary Moore with Thin Lizzy and I did see AC/DC 3 months later with Pat Travers in Toledo. AC/DC would play one more show in Columbus before heading to England to record their follow up to Highway To Hell. We 3 moths after that Bon Scott died in London.

  22. […] at the WMMS World Series of Rock following a tension-filled performance at Cleveland Stadium on July 28, 1979. Following the show,  Joe Perry’s wife Elyssa threw a glass of milk at Tom Hamilton’s wife […]

  23. Mark Byler Says:

    Wow! This stirred up some long forgotten memories. I just got through reading John Gorman’s book about the glory days of WMMS and I was reminicing by trying to find some vintage concert t-shirts via the web and here I am. My memories of this concert are fleeting at best. I don’t know what the attendence was on that long ago, hot summer day, but it had to be 60-70,000. Due to the length of the show, by about the midway point it seemed as if the crowd had split up into 4 distinct groups. Those who were there, primarily, to watch the show and listen to the music, those who were there, primarily, to do mind altering substances, the floaters who alternated between the two aforementioned groups, and those who weren’t sure why they were there. I was, unfortunately, part of the second group and, as a result, missed most of what was probably one of the greatest hard rock shows of the late-70’s. My concert t-shirt is long gone (it was probably torn in two and tied around head or used to clean up someone’s vomit in the car on the trip home) and I am unable to discuss the merits of whether Thin Lizzy kicked more ass than Uncle Ted and/or AC/DC. Oh well, at least I can say I was there. Thanks for the “memories” WMMS!!

  24. Greg Sellers Says:

    World Series of Rock 1979 was my first concert. At age 15 I was completely blown away and spoiled by the day. No other concert ever came close to my first concert experience. That is until 15 years later when I saw Pink Floyd at the Horseshoe in Columbus. Thanks for this page what a throw back. Can you guide me to some footage of the concert (other than AC/DC, on you tube)? Keep On Freakin’ In The Raw World

  25. craig lynn Says:

    how can i score a t-shirt from this event? I had one in highschool and when I went into the marines I lost it

  26. MARK ZAHN Says:


  27. 31 years ago today, WOW! I was 16 The Central Park gang from Lorain, Ohio was who I went with, Kenny S, Carl C. Timmy M, Trub, and me. Did orange barrels, Vodaka, beer and 3 different kinds o’ hash (weed was dry). Outside the stadium before the show there was a disturbance where a cop pulled a gun, started shooting to the ground, we all ran up the concrete hill under the bridge. Timmy hobbled up, got a bullet in the foot. another guy got it in the ass and another in the knuckle. I remember another cop on a horse waiting for the ambulance. We were just starting to trip on the barrels. Freaky looking horse. For some reason I didn’t trip as hard as other times and remember most of the show which AC/DC stole. Lizzy was cool but we were wondering ’bout Timmy. Journey’s music offered some hope. Timmy showed up (relief) before Aerosmith who struggled through there set but it was fitting for that day. Then me and Kenny went up front for Nugent & saw a tug of war contest on the wooden fence in front of the stage between roadies and fans. The rope was some chick wearing nothing but a halter and tennis shoes. It was fuckin’ warped from our view and I wont go into details. Things were never the same with the old Central Park gang after this event in the summer of ’79. Gosh, wow…



  30. I WAS THERE!!!!! 1979! Got to Cleveland Stadium the night before, it was crazy, people partying, having a great time! Around 2am or so (I think) I saw these crazy bastards chucking beer bottles at the cars on the freeway driving past the Stadium lot, they soon turned the lights off in the parking lot. I thought all the bands Kicked Ass, and when Nugent came out the Sun started to shine, and he said “I ordered a little sunshine for us” ,,,,,,,, Ahhhh the good Rock N Roll days!!!!!!!!!

  31. The Poster above says World Series of Rock starts at 2:30, gates open at noon, didnt happen! They started the concert at 9am (Im pretty sure), and the Scorps came out Kicken! Im sure it was due to all the CRAZY things that happend that night! I remember!!!


  33. J Cotton Says:

    Man this show was probably the best outdoor show I ever attended.I was 19 and had been goin to shows since 75.Me my brother and Mike,Zack an Dave made the long drive to Cleveland from west jefferson the night before and spent night in parking lot.Went in early next morn.We sat in stands in back,after our time at the Fleetwood Mac series the year before we thought that best place to sit.We had cooler full of alcohol(no cans or bottles).Scorps kicked ass,I had never heard of them.Then ac/dc kicked it up,wow.Then the way I remember it was Thin Lizzy,who I liked,then Arostsmith who sucked balls,they were halfway through train kept a rollin before I knew what it was.Now they say Journey played sometime but I have no memory of it,at all.Maybe because I hated Journey an was wasted?Then,there was uncle fuckin Ted standin on top of the speaker caibnets.He blew us all away.Well,I have more memories of the event but thats all now.Thanks

    • john stone Says:

      was there two what a hell of a show was so fucking hot but at 19 years old wouldnt of missed it for anything got ther the nite before bought my ticket off this dude for 5 bucks plenty of cash left over for the dope man lol

  34. Johnny M Says:

    Like several others, I was 15 (from Upper Arlington) and this was my first concert. I do not remember Scorpions at all. I remember AC/DC opening, then Lizzy and the rest. I do remember Aerosmith was off and Ted took the show. I love telling people the line-up of my first concert!
    Anyone there should feel fortunate to see Bon Scott before he died 6 months later and the great Phil Lynott of Thin Lizzy who died later in 80’s but had only one more US tour. It’s amazing that Steve Tyler did not end up the same way as Bon Scott and Lynott did, he was wasted!!

  35. I was 19 when I seen the show. Came from Adrian Mi. Did not see
    the Scorpions, but wish I would have. Did not care about Journey.
    Thin Lizzy rocked hard. I was right in front of the stage when
    Aerosmith came out. There first song was Back In The Saddle and
    went right into Train kept A Rollin without stopping. The crowd went crazy, you did not want to fall down cause I’m not sure you could have gotten back up! I seen the girl Johnj Jannuzzi was taking about. Ted rocked.

  36. def leppard was there too, only played like 4 songs

    • Sorry Scott, no, Def Leppard’s first album came out in 1980, and their first US appearance in May of that year, according to their own website. Besides, I wasn’t so wasted that I forgot and entire band’s set.

    • Def Leppard opened 1980 WSOR, I was at that one. Wish I would of made 79!

  37. Was there as well, from Youngstown, milk jugs with beer and suckin acid tabs, I’ll never forget that day, thank you Cleveland….still have my $5 shirt.

  38. Sure remebber the riots waiting to get in, whisky bottles flying, but that was the way it was. Remember being about 25ft from stage, and was amazed at ac/dc they rocked. Was there a year earlier for the Stones, bring back the 70’s

  39. Dave Conner Says:

    I was 15 yrs old. My first rock conert. A the time, i was rocking Foghat Live, Nazerths Hair of the Dog and UFO”S Stragers on the way up. We were two carloads of beat up rust buster cars carrying 9, 15 to 21 year olds from Maximo Ohio. We had stopped along the edge of st rt 77 for a piss break. All but 3 of us got out and walked down the draiage hill to piss, The 3 of us who stayed behind in the backseat of the trailing car where comfortable smokin some killer hash, when a Cleveland Motorcycle Officer simply stuck his head into the open window to see what we were doin. He was (comically) greeted with of full exhale of killer pine tree flavoring. He took the pipe back to his bike and we could here him calling for a paddy wagon, presuably to have us all hauled away. He came back a few minutes later and handed me the pipe and said that this was our lucky day. On to Cleveland we went.
    We stayed over night in a parking lot near Public Hall and just took the night in. Got some great stories fro that night.
    Anyway, Scorpions really were great as iVE heard it was their very first show in America. Thin Lizzy I knew would be good, but the really blew me away, Journey was also really great. Actually I seem to be the only one who liked Aerosmith that day. Ted did really steal the show. Had a great time the followig year at the Seger, Leppard,Money and J Giels band show.


    • John Jannuzzi Says:

      Got to Youtube for AC/DC footage from ’79 show. There is like 6 tunes. Live Wire, Sin City, Bad Boy Boogie…. Just search AC/DC Cleveland 1979 World Series of Rock.

    • You indeed were lucky, great story! I can’t believe how many 15 year olds (me included) made it to that concert. I too liked the same bands with Lizzy on the top of that list.

  40. I do remember arowsmith coming on stage and ratling everything in the place with I’m back in the saddle again. It comes in pieces.

  41. I for sure don’t think def leppard was part of this event.

  42. I was 17, went to Cleveland from Detroit . This concert was indescribable. You really had to be there. It’s cool to see others that experienced this event too. I was on main floor, I’ll never forget how heavily intoxicated the fans were. People were just literally wallering in their own human waste. It was crazy. None of that mattered though , we were all just there to Rock and Roll. I do remember how hot it was that day. It also rained most of the day, until Nugent came out. The whole concert was just fanominal.

  43. john stone Says:

    remember the free clinic tent was packed full of people that over dosed

  44. Stephen D. Says:

    I will never forget that day because me and my RocknRoll Road Dog, “Drugless” Doug R where travelin on Vitamin A about to go supersonic and this band we never heard of (Scorpions) opens up with the song Love Drive, and puts our bodies in mach 2, they were the shit. Thank You WMMS you rocked.

  45. John fiorello Says:

    Was 14at the time carried in plastic jug of beer along with 6 other friends first time I learned a twelve pack minus a few sips is a gallon don’t remember much wish I could hop in a time machine and do it all over again Bon Scott kicks ass no equal

  46. i was there with friends and five gallons of harry buffalo left over from the party the night before.i remember the rockets roadmaster thin lizzy acdc ted nugeant aerosmith and journey,rained off and on all day till ted got on stage and said,i just want you all to know I just ordered you all up some sunshine,with that the sun came out we all cheered:) ted then said someone had stolden his vehicle and ask if any of us see a blazer (forget color) playing loud ted nugeant music to please kick there ass for him:).I would have to say 79 cleaveland was the best:)

  47. Ray Ellinwood Says:

    If you think ac/dc opened the show, you are sadly mistaken. It was the Scorpions!

  48. David Hendrickson Says:

    Ray is right…Scorpions…AC/DC….Thin Lizzy…Journey…Aerosmith…and Ted Nugent…that was one hell of a concert and it is a wonder i can remember that exact date and not remember what i did yesterday……we started partying the night before in Columbus and left for Cleveland at 3:00 in the morning…arriving after a unplanned detour at 8:30..might have been the the hard rain we drove through or ?

  49. […] It proved a crucial year for a number of those acts, in good ways as well as bad — Journey soon graduated from the ranks of supporting acts, while AC/DC’s Bon Scott would be found dead just a few […]

    • Ray Ellinwood Says:

      that’s because of the milk incident back stage

      ted’s guitar strap thrown into the audience created shark frenzied entertainment who ended up with it I wonder? no one had heard of the scorps but after that first U.S. appearance by the lake they would never forget Bon and Phil-We miss you. God rest your rock-n-roll souls

  50. Frederick J. Bailey Says:

    I was one of the first people at the door. Pretty rowdy at the door.
    Bad Ass Concert. Took pictures of the Scorpians, AC/DC, & Thin Lizzy. Proud of my picture of Bon Scott. Can’t believe I didn’t lose my camera or break it, for I was parting pretty hard for an 18 year old.
    Still have my pictures and tee shirt today.

  51. I remember this concert! My mom sent to live outside of Cleveland with my sister and her husband for the summer of 1979. I was 17. My brother-in-law was in charge of Parking outside the stadium for Allright parking. I wasn’t able to see the concert but I HEARD IT. Plus it was more fun watching everything on the streets. Must have a dozen different concert shirts. There were hookers giving BJ in the parking lot. Made a nice commission!

    • Ray ellinwood Says:

      I beg to differ with u buddy, but The Scorpions opened the show. It was their 1st American appearance. Can you believe we saw B

      on Scott and Phil Lynott live b4 their demise ?

  52. Three of us went to the 1979 World Series of Rock. Hard rockn back in them days!

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