WMMS ID: Peter Wolf

2 Responses to “WMMS ID: Peter Wolf”

  1. Deborah Ullman Says:

    Couldn’t hear Peter’s WMMS I.D.
    but his name has come up this last week as several of us who were around WBCN 40 yrs ago have been toasting the station and each other.

    At midnight on the Ides of March, 1968, WBCN in Boston went from playing soft classical to being “the American Revolution” as Joe Rogers, aka Mississippi Harold Wilson, aka Mississippi Fats removed the classical record Ray Riepen was playing from the turntable in the back room of the Boston Teaparty and put on first the Mothers of Invention, then Cream.
    Peter Wolf was up after Mississippi with his managerie of imaginary guests.

  2. one of the best!!

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