The second WMMS Music Marathon Station TV spot

Every contemporary and rock station in Cleveland pushed commercial-free music hours. We wanted to go one-better and did by promoting both our air personalities and long music sweeps. We adopted the slogan – Your “Music Marathon Station,” a subtle acronym for M-M-S and enlisted our airstaff to sell the position. We wanted to differentiate our music sweeps from the competition. While they sold “commercial-free hours,” we promoted the number of songs played in a row. An hour of commercial-free music on our competition was “a 13-song music marathon” on WMMS. Sometimes we’d go over the limit (“we promised you 13 – and gave you 15”) – but never under. By promoting the number of songs – rather than length-of-time – offered us a unique position that was difficult to imitate.

3 Responses to “The second WMMS Music Marathon Station TV spot”

  1. I found and old WMMS bank with the Buzzard sitting on the Terminal Tower. Does anyone know anything about these or maybe know about the value? Thanks.

  2. Funny…when I was growing up, we thought WMMS stood for “Weed Makes Me Smile”…(shrugs)…who knew?!?

  3. … and DMMS! “Dia makes me smile”!

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