Murray Saul’s 80th Birthday Party Get Down!

It was an oddity back in the mid seventies.

Here’s this bald guy with long mutton chops in his late forties on a radio station for listeners in their twenties welcoming the weekend every Friday night at 6 PM in an ode to the weekend wrapped in a review of topical themes and spiced with passionate dose of sex and drugs and rock and roll.

It was called the “Get Down” and delivered on WMMS by Murray Saul every Friday at 6 PM in what we called our own version of the Holy Trinity.  Bookended by Bruce Springsteen’s “Born to Run” and Earthquake’s live extended version of “Friday on my Mind,” it became the sanctioned passage of the workday grind to the weekend.

It was plagiarized and even pirated by a few unscrupulous rock stations throughout the U.S., Canada, and even overseas.   But nothing compared to the delivery of the Murray Saul original.

Back then, no one would have believed that over thirty years later that Murray Saul would be celebrating his eightieth birthday by delivering a live “Get Down” to a packed house at one of the best known and respected live music clubs in the country – the Beachland Ballroom.

But here we were.  Friday, May 16, 2008.

Surrealistic barely defines the evening. 

The Balls of Fire, the rock and rockabilly band that performed at two Murray Saul parties in the mid-eighties performed along a new band many feel destined for national success, Uptight Sugar.

More photos from Murray Saul’s 80th will be added to the Buzzard Book blog over the next few days.

For more on the Murray Saul please turn your The Buzzard book to Chapter Nine.

Murray Saul’s The Get Downs, Vol. 1(TaurusGold) is available from,,  and select retail outlets. Distributed by Traditions Alive, Lakewood, OH 216.226.6200

For The Free Times story on Murray, click here.  For the Plain Dealer story, click here .  For the North Coast Voice story, click here.

WFMU/New York’s  Aircheck ran a one-hour show on Murray Saul in 2005. You can hear the show in its entirety here (RealAudio).


4 Responses to “Murray Saul’s 80th Birthday Party Get Down!”

  1. You planned an awesome party, John! Can’t wait to see the pictures.

  2. Joe Ray Skrha Says:

    Great site John, Thanks for taking all of us “out of town members of the WMMS family” to Murrays 80th party. Any chance of seeing a video or audio of Murrays address to the audience at Beachland?
    Thankyou for your dedication and respect. Peace, Joe Ray (Kenai River, Alaska)

  3. Jan Bowman Says:

    Thank you WMMS & Murray, for the BEST memories of teenage experiences! You were always there, ESPECIALLY Friday night at Six PM!

  4. Awesome seeing Murray still having a good time. One of my best memories of Murray was back in about 1977, MMS had some kind of disco thing (not sure what they called it) down at Chippewa Lake Park. They had a drummer playing along with some recorded music. Murray was one of the MMS personalities there & he had a beautiful young lady under each arm. A la George Burns. My two friends and I asked Murray if he wanted to try out a little hash. He said sure, so I whipped out some funky smoking contraption and Murray goes “nice bowl”. That was really cool. I’ll never forget that. He was one of my idols back then. I said to my friends “I hope I’m that cool when I get to his age”. I don’t think I was ever that cool or ever will be !!!
    The main reason I’m writing is “I wanna know where can I get one of those blue jackets that Murray is wearing at his party?” It’s probably something specially made for him. I know I would buy one in an instant.
    John, I bought your book last week on Amazon & I’m about 2/3 of the way though it. All I can say is it’s AWESOME. Brings back a ton of memories!!! I recommend it to anyone who was around Cleveland for the glory days of WMMS. Can’t wait for Volume 2. 😉

    Jerry S. now in Vegas

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