I’m involved in a new project as consultant to Cleveland’s newest radio station – Boom! 107.3. It’s locally owned, operated, and programmed.

Over the next week or two you’ll hear some familiar local voices on Boom! Its format is what the industry calls Triple A – Adult Album Alternative.

Boom! has a short but interesting history.  It started as an Internet radio station. Boom! made its debut at 12noon, Monday.

You can also hear Boom! on line by clicking here.

7 Responses to “Boom!”

  1. Tom Steele Says:

    Wishing that WMMS would get as many of the old DJ’s back. Remembering the good ole’ days of The Buzzard

  2. Dan Hirschfeld Says:

    So far I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve heard. Even though Boom! has an AAA format I believe I sense a bit of the old Buzzard attitude in the music selection.

    I like the British lady doing the voice tags (if that’s the correct term), by the way. Nice touch.

    • Michael Norman Says:

      Like the mix so far! Two quibbles: Too much Bowie, at least in too frequent rotation. And could we occasionally have someone give us the titles of the new songs that are being played. I know having a real DJ talking to me is very old school, but ….

  3. Thrilled with the new format!
    Great music is great music -new or old -never goes out of style!
    No gripes as long as the playlist stays diverse!
    The Cleveland nostalgia tunes fit nicely, even if they are a little out of their league.
    The rotation of current hits is nice. Breaking new hits by listener response would be even nicer!
    How far out? Don’t be afraid to push that envelope! -We can handle it!
    Great to see you involved John! -You know this is the next big thing, right?
    Love my Boom!

  4. sam mancino Says:

    I understand that you are responsible for the format change at 107.3. What about us smooth jazz fans that had no say in this decision and now have no station to listen to our music unless we buy an HD radio. What’s up with that? There are thousands of us that now have no local station to listen to smooth jazz. Every major market in the country has one except, now Cleveland. What a bunch of crap!!!!!!!!! Do you have any answers to my questions ???

  5. Phlip Phormat Says:

    In response to Sam Mancino’s February 2nd comment, I doubt that getting on John’s case about the format change at WNWV will accomplish much.

    Without question, for the loyal followers of a particular radio station and its previous programing format changes absolutely suck. I can understand Mr. Mancino’s frustration. Unfortunately the owners of radio stations would rather not have their properties be money pits so occasionally they seek to change their station’s format in the hope of generating positive cash flow, as was apparently the case in WNWV’s recent flip.

    I have to admit bias in this case as I enjoy the new direction WNWV has taken. For a radio market that identifies itself as the Home of Rock and Roll local and innovative programing for Rock fans has been sorely lacking for many years.

    Still, I enjoyed listening to WNWV back when it carried New Wave music and I was in the mood for an alternative to the standard Rock programing in Cleveland at the time. Thus, I was among those not too happy with WNWV’s format change to Smooth Jazz.

    Before WNWV carried New Wave music it had the call letters of WBEA and carried Easy Listening music, I believe. I’m sure many old WBEA fans weren’t too thrilled with their music going away.

    So the circle keeps spinning in radio format change land. I’m among those that hopes the new “Boom!” version of WNWV keeps their current format for a long while and continues to fine-tune their programming to what I would consider a cool sound and one an old Cleveland Rock and Roll listener can appreciate, with a nice balance of new Alternative stuff and the old stuff that did make Cleveland one of the coolest Rock and Roll markets at one time.

    With the relentless march toward the conglomerates’ homogenization and medeocoratization of radio in the US, and the resulting loss of radio’s relevance, its probably a good sign that people such as Mr. Mancino are so openly upset about a format change.

  6. Dan Hirschfeld Says:

    RIP V107.3 Sorry that they saw fit to pull the plug. It was a nice run while it lasted.

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