The Buzzard at Fantasy Fest in Key West

3006172983_876f273af6_bFantasy Fest is an annual uninhibited street fair and party, held on the last week of October in Key West, Fla. It features ten days of costume balls and contests, parades, and continuous partying.    It’s not uncommon to see partiers wearing body paint and little else.

It’s an event that draws a significant number of baby boomers reliving their younger days of endless partying.

Attendance has surpassed 100,000 – over three times the population of Key West.

And what does this have to do with WMMS?

For one, a noteworthy number of Greater Cleveland baby boomers – those that grew up with WMMS in the seventies and eighties – party at Fantasy Fest – including the couple in these photos taken at last year’s experience.

1_radio_station_couple-1A few weeks back David Helton forwarded an e-mail attachment he’d received from a friend who took notice of this couple’s body painting.    On careful and close examination of the photo we undoubtedly established that the woman in the photo is wearing an admirable reproduction of The Buzzard book cover.  Her companion in the photo is sporting a repro of the pre-Buzzard mushroom sticker. I received another photo of this couple yesterday.

Neither David nor I know this couple personally – but we send them our positive props and thanks to them profusely for sporting the best WMMS body paint reproductions we’ve seen – and unquestionably the best display and reproduction of The Buzzard book cover.
We also recommend and even encourage Greater Clevelanders attending Fantasy Fest this year to wear their body painted Buzzards proudly.BUZZARD BOOK FULL SIZEWMMS MUSHROOM STICKER COLOR

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  1. i want to sell my mushroom sticker its from the first ones made
    440-452-7595 call dave

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